The Earth Is the Planet of Actions, Nothing Will Happen Until You Make a Move

by Hitori Saito


160 pages / January 2015 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

A message that could be delivered only by Hitori Saito, whose constant activity has generated constant results


Hitori Saito experiences either success or tremendous success. “Action” is the word at the core of his life of success.

– Dreams are just that: unattainable
– I can’t continue what I’ve started
– I lack confidence
– I’m too afraid of failure

Are you getting in your own way by making excuses and overthinking?

Hitori Saito’s latest offering is an easy-to-read book with useful diagrams and clearly written conclusions accompanying every chapter. Once you’ve finished the book, you’ll be convinced that you too can achieve success in the way the author has. Read Hitori Saito’s exquisitely worded teachings on successfully striking a delicate balance between thought and action.

An excerpt from the book:
“This earth is not a planet where everything we wish for magically comes true. We can only know if our thoughts and desires are true after trial and error — if things go well, we know we are on the right path; if things don’t go as we thought, we know we’ve taken a wrong turn. We can start by learning from others, and also by studying, but we have to act as well. As we move, we must choose the path we feel is best. On this planet, in order to find happiness, pleasure and success, we must get out and look for them”.

From the table of contents

– How to make your dreams come true
– Real success is repeated success
– You can only reap what you sow on your own
– Having a singular work ethic can be both fun and miserable
– This problem-solving method can’t miss!
– The world’s economic woes have nothing to do with yours!
– You won’t find happiness by putting others first
– You can’t know what’s right for you until you try
– With improvement comes success
– Expecting rewards is a recipe for disappointment
– Formulate a plan to make progress easier
– How to convert thoughts into action
– Courage isn’t about the absence of fear
– The gods give you what you need to create happiness
– Live every day as though your life depends on it

From the editor

The most important thing I’ve learned from one of Japan’s wealthiest men, Hitori Saito, is the importance of taking action — how to convert your thoughts into action. He clearly understands that little things can end up making all the difference, and has successfully judged when to approach situations with greater care, and when he could take a bolder stance. This is why he won’t settle for anything but success. Failure is not an option. He understands that there is something to be learned every time we convert our thoughts to action, and that it can only lead to success. I hope this is the first book you’ll read in 2015 — it is a very powerful book penned by a man who simply refuses to stop. It would be wonderful if more people were able to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives.


Hitori Saito

The founder of Ginza Marukan, Hitori Saito is one of Japan’s most highly taxed businessmen. Over a 12-year period beginning in 1993, Saito established a new Japan record by finishing in the nation’s top 10 in terms of personal income tax assessment. In an environment where the highest taxes are assessed on sales of land and stock offerings, Saito is notable, as the taxes he’s paid have all been assessed on business income. Furthermore, he has published numerous pieces of literature dealing with the compatibility of economic fortune and emotional happiness. His main works include Minute Differences in Strength, The Power of Insight, A Society Built by Strange People, People and Money (Sunmark), In Top Condition, The Road to Happiness, Earth Can Become a Paradise (KK Longsellers), A Method for Success Written by Strange People (Sogo Horei Publishing), and A Thousand Years Can Pass (Makino Shuppan).