The Truth About Money

by Hitori Saito

ISBN978-4-7631-3546-9 C0030

155 pages / March 2016 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

A book about getting rich that only the highest income taxpayer in Japan could have written.


“As far as I know, no other book goes into this much depth about money.” This new book by today’s most prominent businessman is his first written solely about money. Rather than simply explaining how to make more money, Hitori Saito’s book discusses how the nature and essence of money relate to our mental attitudes and ways of life. Calling this book “the philosophy of money” would actually be fitting, but don’t let that intimidate you; Mr. Saito explains difficult concepts in the simplest of terms.


・ Chapter one’s lesson: Money teaches us “wisdom” and “patience”
・ Chapter two’s lesson: People who can’t make money secretly hate money
・ Chapter three’s lesson: Fix the problems that are right in front of you first
・ Chapter four’s lesson: People who believe in the gods will succeed
・ Chapter five’s lesson: If you think you’re lucky, luck will come to you.
・ Conclusion

From the table of contents

○There are two ways to earn a profit
○Leaving money in your wallet builds restraint

○Are you an attractive investment?
○It’s important to know whom to ask for wisdom
○Ask rich people about how to get rich
○Hating your job is the same as making enemies with money
○Money comes to those who value it
That problem is occurring because it’s important for you
○Knowing “uncertainty” will help you read the signs of the times
○Chances are “opportunities to learn wisdom and patience”
○Solving personal and money problems require different processes
○Knowing the “two dimensions” of money will change your ways
○Being swayed by money is proof that you’re not in control
○A scientifically proven way to increase your fortune
○Nothing changes without a change in “foundation”
○Being smart is knowing your imperfections
○Real success is repeated success

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From the editor

In December of 2015, I spent half a day driving around the city with Hitori Saito. When we began driving around to visit a number of his favorite shrines, the first words out of his mouth were, “I want to write a book about money.” He clearly gave his reasons, one of them being that the more financially stable people there are, the better off the world will be. It’s interesting to point out that a prominent businessman such as Hitori Saito hadn’t written a book about money until now. It took him only three months to send me a manuscript, which was filled with philosophical insights into the concept of money, explained in simple terms. What resulted was a book that, while easy to understand, is profound in its meaning and significance.


Hitori Saito

Hitori Saito is the founder of Ginza Marukan and is now the highest-paying taxpayer in Japan. He was in the top 10 highest taxpayers for 12 consecutive years starting in 1993, setting a new record. Before the public announcements of income tax were stopped in 2006, his income tax payments reached as high as 17,300,000,000 yen. While high taxpayers mostly deal in real estate and stock offerings, Mr. Saito’s case is unusual because all of his taxes are from his business earnings. He has published many books about combining both emotional happiness and financial success. His main works include The Power of Subtle Differences, The Power of Observation, An Eccentrics Take on How the World Works, People and Money, A Fascinating Rule to Success, The Earth Is the Planet of Actions, Nothing Will Happen Until You Make a Move, and Dont Worry, Everything is Going Well (all published by Sunmark).