Company Mantra

Sunmark Publishing.

Your life in your hands

A Sunmark book is physically light, yet it contains much energy from many people. Consider the author’s lifelong effort, the editor’s enthusiasm, possibly an artist’s visual contribution, the printers’ dedication, the hard work of the sales staff, the long hours from the delivery team, plus the care and attention from the bookstore workers. Then, of course, the critical participation of the reader, who we hope may be inspired by the book and carry this energy onwards in life.

A message from the President of Sunmark Publishing

Sharing our mutual ideals and passion,
so books may continue to be loved across the world


Nobutaka Ueki

Publisher and President, Sunmark Publishing Inc.

For over 40 years our company has published numerous, enduring bestsellers. In just the last 2 decades Sunmark has produced 6 million-sellers. We are truly thankful to the increasing number of readers with whom our ideas and ways of thinking resonate.

Books that are loved and popular throughout generations often hold global truths. At Sunmark, we constantly strive to produce such books. In other words, rather than chase after the transient mainstream, we are more concerned with making books that have their own energy, and developing that energy to its highest possible level. We believe that for books to continue to be read far and wide, they must contain a truly special and original energy.

In order to make such books, the creators must devote their full power and passion to their job. This includes Sunmark’s helpful, persistent, meticulous work ethos, dedicated to delivering the best possible finished product into the hands of the author and reader. This takes a united team of dedicated people in editing, sales, and production, who all share the same ideals. Overall, combining talents to provide authors with the intellectual stimulation, motivation, and support often needed to make great books. This is the cornerstone of Sunmark Publishing’s philosophy and the ideals we seek to fulfill daily.

We believe that the truth is always written in a straightforward manner. By rephrasing complicated concepts into simple terms. Making deeper ideas more palpable. In our own small way, Sunmark aims to provide our readers with new surprises and warm encouragement in paving the way through life.

Wherever there are people, there is also sadness, suffering, happiness, learning, and work that never seems to end. We strive to see through the eyes of our readers so we can pass on the energy and passion of people across generations and countries.

Welcome to Sunmark Publishing. We sincerely hope you enjoy our books.

Sunmark Publishing Philosophies

Turning bestsellers into enduring bestsellers

For publishers, enduring bestsellers are invaluable. For example, 50,000 reprints of a book are comparable to the value of 10 new publications. Having said that, publishers always need to focus not only on new books, but also on books that are already in print to ensure that they continue to sell for a long time.

You can only produce good books, if you aim to produce books with good sales

Good books sell well, and there are no good books that do not sell. Simply aiming to make good books is only half the task. For professionals, producing a good book goes without saying. An editor's true ability and even the fate of a book greatly depend on whether the editor can fully devote him/herself to turning a good book into one that will sell well.

Simplicity is indeed truth

The truth is written in simple language that is easy to understand. It's actually easier to write something complicated. You can tell the real ability of an author if they are able to simplify both easy and difficult subject matter into something that people can understand without any difficulty. Allowing one to think about the message, not the medium it is conveyed by.