Lessons From a Sadistic Universe When I Was 20,000,000 Yen in Debt

by Hiroshi Koike

ISBN978-4-7631-3582-7 C0030

271 pages / September 2016 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Can spirituality actually change your life? When drowning in debt, try this method of borrowing strength from the universe to turn your life around!


Do you have any wishes you want granted, or any hopes you desperately want fulfilled? One man had an extremely serious wish: “I want to pay off my debts…somehow!” With a 20,000,000 yen debt — 6,000,000 of that from illegal loans — he felt his only choices were suicide, filing for bankruptcy, or becoming homeless. But a floating figure with a Mohawk appeared in front of him and said, “I’m going to grant all your wishes, so get ready.” He then said, “Change your motto.” Author Hiroshi Koike began calling this figure “Mr. Universe.” Mr. Universe was sadistic with his approach, teaching Koike hard lessons about the universe and life-changing mantras. Koike then desperately spent every day mastering what he was taught and soon began experiencing miracle after miracle.

Can following these “rules of the universe” and changing the words we say habitually really change our fate? This book tells the true story about what happened to a man after he began implementing various spiritual teachings into his life, having been on the verge of bankruptcy. The book contains interesting and persuasive psychological and spiritual information and is highly regarded by many. Enjoy reading this gift from the universe!

From the table of contents

  • Using negative words sends the wrong “orders” to the universe!
  • Repeat the words that connect everything: “This is it! My dreams are coming true!”
  • Don’t be distressed: The “time lag” means your dreams are beginning to materialize!
  • Make a habit of saying “thank you” 500 times a day!
  • When you want to influence others, shoot a “secret beam” at their forehead!
  • Say “Cha-Ching!” every time you do something you don’t want to do!

From the editor

At first I thought, “Can this really happen? How true is this?” After verifying with Koike the effectiveness of his methods, I learned that what happened to him was very true. While working on this book, the expression “Truth is stranger than fiction” came to mind, although Mr. Universe is a concept that Koike imagined on his own. I have read many books dealing with the laws of the universe, but this book was so clear and easy to understand that it made me laugh. Reading the conversations between Koike and Mr. Universe brought me great joy. After reading this book, I began to understand to the core of my being that no matter what worries I have, reading this book can help me improve my life. I present this volume to you with confidence. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to borrow strength from the universe!


Hiroshi Koike

Hiroshi Koike is a psychologist, spiritual counselor, mind coach, power stone coordinator and representative director at Indigod Sendai. Twelve years ago, he fell into 20,000,000 yen of debt — 6,000,000 yen of that from illegal loans — while managing a clothing shop. He recalls making a spiritual connection with the universe just when he thought filing for bankruptcy was the only step left. His life changed suddenly after he began using the power of words to purify his subconscious and communicating with the universe in a more positive way. The cosmic messenger he corresponded with, whom Mr. Koike referred to as “Sadistic Mr. Universe,” sent clear and helpful hints that helped him improve his life. He left the clothing shop to start a bracelet shop, which attracted nationwide attention after being featured on local television. His debt was paid off in 9 years, and profits continued flowing in. He now lives a fulfilling life with his wife and two daughters. After speaking to many of his bracelet shop customers about the order of the universe and how to make their dreams come true, he began holding seminars, which have been given a great reception.