Rule of Mirror : Complete Version

by Yoshinori Noguchi

ISBN978-4-7631-3502-5 C0030

128 pages / January 2017 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

Why have 90% of readers been brought to tears by this book? The moving story that sold over 1 million copies has been resurrected! Recommended by Kyocera Honorary Chairman Kazuo Inamori!


“‘Your life is just like a mirror which reflects what’s in your heart’ is the message that has the power to encourage many people.”


A housewife named Eiko, who was pained by seeing her son being bullied, learned from a consultant about the golden rule called “The Rule of  Mirror.” The application of this practice enabled a dramatic reconciliation with her father after many years of difficulty and helped solve her son’s problems with bullying.


“I cried out loud for the first time in a while.”

“I profoundly appreciated my parents.”

“I was able to forgive people whom I couldn’t forgive before.”


The Rule of  Mirror, the million-seller that made waves, is back in print after 10 years. This story is just as relevant now as ever. The well-received commentary about parent–child relationships has also been largely revised and improved. The updates make this the truly completed version of this work.

From the table of contents

◎The Rule of Mirror

◎ An explanation and postscript on how to bring happiness into your life

・Don’t just be impressed by the stories

・Life is a mirror that reflects the soul

・What difficult problems teach you

・What is true forgiveness?

・What to do before forgiving

・People who cannot disconnect themselves from their parents

From the editor "Nekoka"


I was given the opportunity to work once again on the book I edited 10 years ago. The hardest part this time was the cover design. After the book was once published, it was hard to design a new cover. But with the help of the same designer I worked with 10 years ago, we were able to come up with a full version that represents the complete work appropriately. The commentary, which has doubled in volume, is excellent. It’s a must-read even for those who have read the previous version.




Yoshinori Noguchi

Yoshinori Noguchi is a best-selling author and expert on family relationships and self-fulfillment. Though he struggled with anthropophobia (social phobia) in his high school days, he overcame that fear with a determination to research the rules of life and studied psychology and Eastern philosophy after entering university.


Having worked with Recruit, he became a lecturer on mental management. In 1999, he established a psychology consulting practice, where he began working as a counselor.


In 2003, he established a company called Coaching Management and became the leading professional in psychological coaching.


He became well known for his individual sessions as well as couples counseling and family counseling sessions. Today he operates an online self-fulfillment school.


Other than the million-selling The Rule of  Mirror (Sogo Horei Publishing), he has also authored How to Live Life Simplistically, 3 Truths, The Power of the Mind’s Eye, “Subtraction” Makes Your Life Sparkle, My Mother’s Words That Always Help Me (Sunmark), and EQ Notes That Gradually Boost Your Happiness and Success Power (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing), among others. He currently has a free online video seminar called “Improve your self-respect and confidence with these Seven Steps to Self-Acceptance.”