How to Achieve Good Fortune from the Age of 33

by Amane Shiraishi


280 pages / Mar. 2014 / 700 yen (w/o tax)

Tips on how to really change your life for the better!


This is the all-new book from the popular fortune creator.
All fortune, good and bad, is formed on the basis of what you’ve experienced by the age of 33. After that, your fortune repeats the same acquired pattern.
Nevertheless, once you realize that fact, you’ll be able to acquire the fortune you’d hoped for and turn your life around at any age.
People are sharing the unexpected miracles they’ve experienced since reading this book, saying such things as, “My annual income increased by as much as over a million yen,” “Not only have I been blessed with a new baby, I got promoted,” and “I’m surprised how well things are currently moving along for me.”
This book will teach you about how to better your fortune in regard to your finances, business, love life, interpersonal relationships, health, household, and family.

From the table of contents

– What do those who improved their fortune from the age of 33 have in common?
– Rules to be aware of when working to improve your fortune.
– The secrets of people who love money and people who hate it.
– A small habit to start bettering your economic fortune when paying bills.
– The ways of thinking that automatically connect you with the best jobs.
– Company employees work under the guidance of the “president’s virtues.”
– Shed a new light on your love-life habits you had before age 33 with these 5 different perspectives.
– “How to put an end to” a marriage or intimate relationship is more important than “how to begin” one.
– “Family fortune virtues” that influence the fate of your family.
– The trick to changing your workplace environment from brutal to peaceful.
– The things that influence wellness more than genetics do.
– Techniques for choosing healthy options when shopping.

From the editor

I was shocked when I first heard that all fortune, good and bad, repeats the same pattern acquired from experiences one has had up to age 33.
But it was for this reason that this book was created to teach adults over 33 how to improve their fortune.
While reading this book, I also looked back on the first 33 years of my life. After I sat down and thought back on my love life, money, and job situations, I was able to see many things more clearly, and I found I had a chance to re-think how to live the rest of my life.


Amane Shiraishi

Amane Shiraishi is a spiritual counselor and fortune creator from Tokyo.
After graduating from university, she worked as an executive assistant for a foreign enterprise dealing with American finances before starting her own business as a spiritual counselor from 2005.
Making use of her natural psychic abilities and the abundance of knowledge gained from working in an international business environment, she provides counseling, consultation, and guidance that deals with the development and prosperity of individuals as well as businesses.
She has a strong spiritual reading ability and vast experience in holding spiritual counseling sessions with over 5,000 people during her career. Her sessions, known to “surely guide you to better fortune,” have earned her a high reputation.
She’s also the author of Your Fortune Can Be Changed at Any Time, published by VOICE.