You Can Allow the Ball to Fly Straight and Far

by Shinichi Arai


173 pages / May 2015 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Steady your shots in just five minutes.


“I tried to hit it straight, but it isn’t flying straight…”
This is an issue that both pros and amateurs experience again and again. In this book, the author shares fundamentals and clearly explains the basis for improvement, regardless of body type and experience. He has shared this same information with his many students, including children, women, seniors, and even golf pros. Important tips for hitting the ball straight include:

Addressing proper positioning
Making sure to swing through the impact zone
Feeling the club’s center of gravity

Your senses of sight and touch are important when playing golf, and the secrets thoroughly explained in this book are done in a way that makes them easy to apply once behind the ball. Just spending some minutes at home digesting these drills will bring immediate improvement to your game. Beginners, retirees, and those who have lost confidence with a bad round of golf will find useful information about how to hit straight and accurate balls. See what it’s like to hit the ball clean and straight with little time and effort!

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 Feel certain about straight putts
Chapter 2 Hitting straight shots with your irons
Chapter 3 Make the ball soar with your irons
Chapter 4 Hitting straight shots anytime, anywhere
Appendix Golf rules and etiquette you should know

From the editor

Only 20 percent of beginning golfers stick with the game until they grow to love it. The other 80 percent struggle with perfecting their shot in narrow practice ranges before challenging themselves to a round of golf, only to get a terrible score, which leads them to give up the game. It was the same for me. After shooting 150 on my first round, I did many frustrating sessions at various practice ranges, but still didn’t improve. It was heartbreaking to watch everyone around me doing so well. However, reading the methods presented in this book made me feel that even somebody like me could improve!

The abundance of useful knowledge in this book is perfect for players in a slump or those who teach other players. While I was working on this book, I couldn’t keep from thinking that if improving your golf game could be this much fun and this simple, the population of golfers is sure to grow. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy.


Shinichi Arai

Shinichi Arai was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1963. He is the chief operating officer of FLAGS GOLF SCHOOL and a member of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan. He was also a member of the golf club at Japan University. He is the record holder for the lowest score of 28 in golf tours within Japan. He has had an extensive career, winning the Growing Tour, participating in mini tours in Asia and America, acting as a caddie for Carlos Franco during the USPGA tour, and training junior golfers with his unique approach to the sport. He has authored many books, including Improving on the Practice Range! Golf Basics (Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd.).