Rest Assured That You Can Change Your Life

by John Kim


250 pages / August 2014 / 1500 yen(w/o tax)

All that's needed is a little courage.


Many people would like to change their lives, but the number of people who feel it’s possible to make drastic changes is surprisingly small. On the other hand, there are a considerable number of people who’ve managed to dramatically change their lives. What could be the difference between these two groups of people?

The author of this book, John Kim, like many people, once reached a point in his life when he longed to effect wholesale change, wondering in agony how it could ever be possible. Mr. Kim assures us, however, that there’s “no need for concern.” Not only is it possible to change your life, all that’s needed is a little courage and a change of perspective. He explains that rather than blaming the outside environment, it’s important to muster up the courage to change your inner perspective.

Specifically, your “emotional strength,” “interpretability,” “susceptibility,” “ability to interact,” “personability,” “punctuality,” “reading ability,” and “decision-making ability” are the first eight areas to start working on in order to change yourself from within. If you can do this, your life will change drastically.

Having spent time in Asia, America, and Europe working as a researcher, his discourse on a liberated lifestyle and the philosophy of self have made John Kim very popular. The words in this book are very meaningful as they come from a man with an abundance of life experience. Reading this book will greatly impact your inner self.

From the table of contents

– You are your own worst enemy
– Even bad intentions are 1% good
– A “reward and punishment” approach is important in managing your emotions
– Be circumspect in your choice of words
– Humans act with 90% emotion and 10% reason
– Confrontation is meaningless
– Don’t say anything irrelevant
– Pray for the happiness of hostile people
– A pleasurable life comes with deciding what’s right
– Making a decision means disposing of that which is unnecessary

From the editor

This was the first time I had read over a manuscript so slowly, due in part to a desire to fully understand John Kim’s words, and also wanting to remain immersed in his world and outlook. The more I read, the more profound I found his message to be, and I was able to realize many things about myself. I hope others will be just as moved, and I encourage everyone to slowly savor this book one page at a time.


John Kim

John Kim is a South Korean-born writer who came to Japan as a government-sponsored foreign exchange student. Completing his doctoral coursework in mass communications at Indiana University, he also obtained a doctorate in political integration at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan.

His extensive occupational history includes working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Universit├Ąt der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Germany; senior visiting research associate at the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre of St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford in England; visiting researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University; and as a specially appointed associate professor in the graduate school program of media studies and political integration at Keio University.

He has gained considerable support for his unique philosophy and views on life, an intellectual construct developed through his experience of having worked in five countries on three continents.

Kim is also the author of publications that include A Life Without Flattery (Diamond, Inc.), Happiness Theory in the Dead of Night (Discover 21, Inc.), A Life Not Ruled by Time> (Gentosha, Inc.), and Insecurity Becomes Strength (Shueisha, Inc.).

Since 2013, Kim has spent the bulk of his time in Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain, concentrating on writing and has begun supervising his own popular seminar designed for working adults.