What For?

by Fumiaki Nakamura


221 pages / July, 2014 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Don't wonder what to do, wonder "What For?"
Enrich your life by taking a good look at the root of your feelings.


When he wasn’t able to make any new acquaintances, he changed that by bumping into strangers on the bullet train to make conversation. When he was lacking in funds, he went around asking for loans using a list of top billionaires.

The author, Fumiaki Nakamura, is a man who celebrates everyone from the top businessman to the lady at the tobacco shop, not to mention his own customers, armed with his unaffected zeal and amiability. His lectures, which deal with finding your “true self” while using his golden rules of life as the basis, are a great success.

The Internet has given us access to an abundance of knowledge. Popular shops, clothes and expressions — in a world overflowing with material wealth and information, what you choose is in fact a representation of your own intentions and desires.

Why do you go to school? Why do you work? Why are you alive?

Fumiaki Nakamura expresses himself with serenity and patience.
His words are warm, familiar, and reminiscent of the old spirit of Japan.

From the table of contents

Introduction Why can’t we erase human angst?
Chapter 1 Ask “What for?” to get yourself going
Chapter 2 Regain your true individuality
Chapter 3 The way of speaking of those people who succeed and those who fail
Chapter 4 Joyous things bring more joy
Japan’s role from now (as an Afterword)

From the editor

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with many people in my lifetime, but Fumiaki Nakamura is an author who’s influenced me a great deal. I feel he’s been working up to this new release, having practiced his own four golden rules of life: “Answer in 0.2 Seconds,” “To Be Asked Is To Be Tested,” “Don’t Say You Can’t” and “Do What You Can, Now.”

To go along with the publication of this book, a documentary film of the same name is also being released. What For? deals with asking yourself the purpose of your actions before you act. Reading this book will help you understand how to live a life better suited to you by asking yourself “What for?” before making life choices relating to school, work, lifestyle, food, or even smaller, everyday choices.

As the editor of this book and the director of the documentary What For?, I sincerely hope that many people will read and enjoy this book.


Fumiaki Nakamura

Born in 1969 in Mie Prefecture, Japan, Fumiaki Nakamura left home and moved to Tokyo on his own after graduating from Kogakkan High School. After meeting a successful businessman who became his life coach, Fumiaki tried his hand at selling fruits and vegetables and working in restaurant management, helping him gain experience and become more knowledgeable in business.

Once he was able to support himself, he returned to Ise City in Mie Prefecture and prospered as the owner of a restaurant called Kurofune that also functioned as a bar that offered bridal services. He then grew in popularity after becoming a public speaker in the year 2000, giving a record 300 lectures in 2005.
Aside from touring the country, he has also organized projects like “Cultivate Japan” and “The Aspiring Teacher Project” in hopes of encouraging youth to get more involved in agriculture.
He is also the head of a private cram school called Fumiaki Nakamura’s School of Human Ties and the University of Bonding.

His works include Live Large Not on Money but on Human Ties, Get a Life Coach!, Live Large Not on Money but on Human Ties — The Comic, Life Can Change Greatly by How You Talk, as well as the live studio recordings “Quickly Getting More Energetic!” — by Fumiaki Nakamura, The Origin Of Power, The Seeds of Encounters, Respectful Heart, and The Power of Love (all from Sunmark Publishing).