You Can Get a Single-Digit Handicap With No Practice (Complete Edition)

Improve your score dramatically just by recalling the technique triggers

by Lowhan O. Shiema


254 pages / May 2013 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Let an amateur expert explain amateur golf!


This is the full version of the famous long-selling golf guidebook You Can Get a Single-Digit Handicap With No Practice that has helped over 300,000 people improve their golf scores. The astounding “Shiema Theory” will change your golf game dramatically. For people who can’t break 90, this is your good chance to become a single-digit player!

From the table of contents

– You can improve your golf game by your own willpower: You don’t need to be a genius
– The control shot for your approach: What you need to know about full swings
– Jack Nicklaus’s feed-forward method: You can easily hit a draw without practicing
– The muscles that govern the sense of distance during putting: rotate only your arms and shoulders
– Accurate sense of distance: Choosing a wedge and style of approach
– 100 yards+: Using driver technique triggers, etc.

From the editor

The author, Mr. Shiema, actually fell sick last year and was admitted to hospital. He poured out his heart and soul while writing this book from his hospital bed and experienced real difficulty. I vividly remember my surprise at the impact of the book when I received the manuscript at the beginning of autumn last year. Sadly, Mr. Shiema passed away before the book was completed. I present this book to all amateur golfers who are aiming for single-digit scores.


Lowhan O. Shiema

With his own theory that “Golf guidebooks written by professional golfers and critics aren’t suited to amateurs with little practice” as his motivation, Lowhan O. Shiema started publishing numerous golf guidebooks, notably the No Practice series (Sunmark). These guidebooks have taught over 300,000 readers a completely new method of becoming single-digit golfers. This book is the complete version of You Can Get a Single-Digit Handicap With No Practice, the author’s biggest bestseller. It is a compilation of his further research on the subject. Even when Mr. Shiema was ill, he focused all his energies and continued to write. This book, his final work, serves as a fitting monument to his innovative theories.