The 34 Methods Only the Top 5% of Salespeople Know

by Satoshi Goto / Yuji Otsubo


188 pages / July 2012 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Do you know the truth behind sales that only the top 5% of salespeople apply?


“So that’s how successful salespeople talk!”
What’s the difference between successful salespeople and unsuccessful salespeople? Superior products? Communication skills? Actually, the top 5% of salespeople don’t explain their products or engage in small talk when they’re making a sale.
So what do they do? The answer to that question is in this book.
Packed with detailed conversations, applicable ways of thinking, and know-how that you can put into practice today, this book will definitely bring a change in your work and your life.
Now, turn to page 82, memorize the lines, and go out on a sales call.

From the table of contents

Stop trying to sell: Aim for a long-term relationship rather than just a contract
Don’t just sell: You can benefit from following up on clients even after making a sale
No small talk: Six ways to get to the point
Don’t hesitate: A temporary closing that will make it clear if it’s a yes or a no
Don’t be indiscriminate: Three hints to help you avoid pointless sales calls

From the editor

To the salespeople who brave the heat, cold, and rain to carry out their sales calls, we appreciate your hard work. This book is for all the hardworking salespeople out there! I actually started out in the sales department at Sunmark Publishing, and I used to go to bookstores to make sales calls. I had a hard time because I didn’t know what to say and hardly got any orders, and I would rather not reveal how many pairs of shoes I wore out. I delved into the production of this book, wishing that I could have read it during those days. It’s full of specific examples and know-how that you can put into use today! Salespeople, you have to read it!


Satoshi Goto

He is the representative director of FPStage. Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1961, he graduated from the Hiroshima University of Economics in 1983. He started working at Sony Life Insurance Company in 1993 and became an Executive Life Planner (in the top class of 3,000 life planners) in two years and four months, a record at the company.
Mr. Goto’s most significant records were No. 8 nationally in 1993 (President’s Award), No. 5 in 1994 (President’s Award), and No. 5 in 1995. Every year from 1994 to 1998, he was elected “Top of the Table” of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). He has also written How to Get A Five-Billion-Yen Insurance Premium (Kindai Sales).

Yuji Otsubo

Born in Kyushu in 1964, he is now the representative director at Keystone Financial Corporation. Dissatisfied with his poor evaluation of himself, he spun away from a big company and started working in the insurance business from scratch with no experience and no clients. Right from the beginning, he struggled with sluggish sales; his lowest monthly salary after tax was 1,655 yen. His unfounded confidence crushed to pieces, he turned over a new leaf, set aside his pride, and decided to learn from others. He sought out successful salespeople, interviewed them, sorted out the know-how, and put it into practice over and over again.
As a result, Mr. Otsubo landed the chance to manage pension funds worth 17 billion yen. He gained success within a short time: his annual income increased sharply, and his monthly salary after tax was over 18 million yen. He later started working independently. As the head of his own office, he gathered top salespeople with interesting personalities, creating a sales team that was ranked fourth out of 3,000 companies countrywide after only one year. He was qualified as a Certified Financial Planner by the Japan Association for Financial Planners. He also was the chairperson of the MDRT Japan Annual Meeting in 2002 and the international meeting chairperson in 2004.
He has also written Work Techniques of a Salesperson Whose Salary Went from 1,655 Yen to 18.5 Million Yen (Diamond Publishing) and Study Methods That Earned 18.5 Million Yen (Shodensha).