Personnel Training School

by Yukio Funai


239 pages / January, 2003 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)


The top priority for all companies should be the nurturing of personnel that are truly indispensable, who can “earn” their way through work by generating profits. The performance of a company is determined and maintained by its personnel. A company is defined by its people. Author Funai, otherwise known as the “God of business consulting,” is a charismatic figure in the consultant world who has nurtured star consultants that earn 300 million yen annually. In this book, Funai draws on feedback from many top consultants who are currently active in their fields to explain the absolute method of continually turning out high-quality personnel, a method that he himself arrived at only after 20 years of trial and error. A must read not only for managers and business-people who employ workers, but also for people who wish to increase their own value in the workplace.

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Yukio Funai

Born in Osaka prefecture in 1933. Honorary chairman of the Funai Consulting Company, one of Japan’s largest business consulting companies employing more than 300 management experts. With approximately 5,000 firms as clients, he himself is still active as a world-class top-level business consultant. He is famous especially in the distribution and information-related sectors as the “God of business consulting.” He is also the author of more than 200 books.