Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--July 2016 Issue

We visited Taipei a few weeks ago in order to introduce our backlists together with new titles to local agencies and publishers. We always enjoy working with Taiwanese publishers, as they are one of our most important markets. Our culture, history and of course the language are different, but at the same time we share a lot of common understanding, and this makes our relationship a very close and unique one. On this recent trip, we presented numbers of books on health and beauty. Now we’re hoping to receive good feedback from the people we met in Taipei.20160613

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Topic of the Month

Before the Coffee Gets Cold has reached 230,000 copies, and is still selling very well!

It’s really rare for us to publish a fiction title, but Before the Coffee Gets Cold, which is a collection of four short stories, is selling very well in our market. First published last December, it has reached sales of 230,000 copies and is still selling well. Translation rights have been sold to China, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam so far. 

Hot Titles

Get Rid of Anger by Pressing Hand Pressure Points

by Masatoshi Kato

ISBN978-4-7631-3537-7 C0036

208 pages / April 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Those who are quick to become emotional should read this.


Irritability, jealousy, anxiety, anger, sorrow, loneliness and impatience are examples of “bad” emotions. We can live each day in a calm, relaxed state as long as we alleviate these feelings. We all experience a number of these persistent and troublesome emotions, for which the author has developed pressure-point brain treatment. Pressing the different pressure points in your hand resets your brain to normal functionality, temporarily helping to manage emotions. This book introduces which pressure points work best for a variety of stressful situations that occur in our daily lives. The book provides a “skeleton map” to help you precisely locate each pressure point on your hand. Every household should have a copy of this book! This is a must-read for those who need more calm in their lives.

Common stresses and their related pressure points discussed in the book include:

  • “I get angry very quickly.” – Gokoku
  • “I gradually become more and more irritated.” – Gyosai
  • “I’m overly germ-cautious.” – Kanshi
  • “I’m terrible at speaking in front of others.” – Shosho
  • “I’m losing my concentration with age.” – Kansho
  • “I’m bad at remembering things recently.” – Chusen
  • “I get depressed more easily than others.” – Gekimon

And more!

From the table of contents

Prologue           How to get rid of anger and sadness

Chapter 1         Using “pressure-point brain therapy” to alleviate bad emotions

Chapter 2        Seven tips for practicing “pressure-point brain therapy”

Chapter 3         Pressure points that suppress anger and sadness

Chapter 4         Pressure points for improving motivation

From the editor

I myself was spending each day experiencing anger and anxiety, wondering what I could do to get rid of such feelings when I met Mr. Kato. He told me that in only five seconds, I could remedy bad emotions by pressing on certain pressure points. I’ve been doing that ever since, with excellent results. I highly recommend this book, as it will definitely help you to live your life in peace.


Masatoshi Kato

Masatoshi Kato is a pharmaceutical therapist who is the representative director of Mitsu Enterprises and the head of the Japan Holistic Therapist Academy. After visiting a number of treatment centers and seeing mental health concerns being overlooked due to a lack of communication, he fully realized the importance of putting human relations ahead of knowledge and skill. He then began mastering the art of counseling and management coaching, opening a clinic that provides “care for the body and mind” in 1995. It was at this time that he began studying Oriental medicine, namely, Chinese massage, learning about the pressure points that correspond to vital parts of the body. With his deep knowledge of pressure points and the human body, he has helped professional athletes and instructed professional baseball trainers. He also appears on television and gives many lectures. As an author, he has published various works including Pressing the Right Pressure Point (Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd.), Pressing the Right Lymph Nodes and Pressure Points (Nihon Bungeisha), and Poison and the Human Body! (KADOKAWA). Masatoshi Kato is currently doing clinical research on diet, exercise and depression at the Showa University School of Pharmacy.

Let Your Sixth Sense Guide You!

by Naohiro Futenma

ISBN978-4-7631-3527-8 C0030

214 pages / April 2016 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

A bestselling author talks about an Okinawan spiritual practice in this long-awaited book. Awaken your sixth sense!


Many things happen throughout our lifetime, and they are by no means all happy. There are many times when we feel on the verge of breaking. We keep our bodies running on full as we laugh, cry and get angry. We tend to survive no matter how hard the circumstances, which is a good thing, but it’s difficult to live life that way.
Naohiro Futenma is a famous sixth-sense master based in Okinawa, Japan. He travels around the country teaching the importance of maintaining one’s neutral disposition. We already use our sixth sense unconsciously, so what if we were able to master it? Mr. Futenma says that if we are able to reach a neutral disposition, we will be happy, unattached, have quicker and better judgment, lose our need to quarrel and thus worry less.
Allow this book to help you awaken, polish and better understand how to use your sixth sense.


  • Comic frontispiece: Everybody uses their sixth sense
  • Four important points for polishing your senses
  • Preface: Don’t think, feel!
  • Chapter 1     How to use your sixth sense
  • Chapter 2     Seven things to do to increase your sensitivity to the senses
  • Chapter 3     Using the five senses will improve your life
  • Chapter 4     Your sixth sense comes before your five senses
  • Chapter 5     Every day is a magical tour: The ways bestselling authors use their sixth sense: A discussion between Taro Hisuiko and Naohiro Futenma
  • Conclusion

From the table of contents

  • It’s not what you’d think, but it is what you dreamed
  • How to control human emotions
  • The relationship between moderation and yin and yang
  • Consult with yourself more
  • Your sixth sense comes from your intentions
  • What you need to know about the five senses
  • If your senses dull, your brain grows weak
  • A lesson for sharpening your five senses
  • Great people know the importance of their sixth sense
  • How memory, consciousness and the brain function
  • Where do inspiration and intuition come from?
  • Are you a “five-senses type” or a “sixth-sense type”?
  • Meaningful words and thoughts come with a neutral disposition
  • Giving names to things improves awareness

              And more…

From the editor

I first heard about Naohiro Futenma at a lecture given by genius copywriter Kotaro Hisui. Hisui spoke with excitement about “a wonderful doctor in Okinawa,” and my intuition told me that I needed to immediately join Mr. Futenma’s “school of witchcraft” that everyone was talking about. When I met him, Mr. Futenma said, “Choose which cup you will use today. Which chair will you sit in?” I was bewildered by these seemingly random questions. But after thinking about it I realized that these are the kinds of things I never pay attention to. From then on, my excitement continued to grow as my thought process began to change. I learned from Mr. Futenma how to strengthen my sixth sense. There is nothing challenging about it, and anybody can start the process right away. It’s all in this one book. I’d like as many readers as possible to realize the wonder of the sixth sense.


Naohiro Futenma

Naohiro Futenma is a foot massage specialist and spiritual counselor, born in Okinawa, Japan, in 1961. Those close to him call him “Mr. F.” He’s been interested in the oneness of the mind and body since his childhood, when he began practicing karate. Since the age of 30, he’s been learning about spirituality and how it relates to daily life, putting these lessons into practice in his daily life. He spent the following decades using his knowledge and techniques to provide counseling to his massage treatment patients about the state of their mind and body and about how to awaken their senses. He currently has “school of witchcraft” locations in, but not limited to, Okinawa, Tokyo, Kobe, Kagoshima and Sendai, and holds various lectures and seminars. He is a messenger of the subconscious, of higher beings (angels and others), universal mindedness and aura. He has earned respect from a number of prominent figures, including author Kotaro Hisui. This is his debut as an author.