Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--December 2014 Issue

978-4-7631-3202-4As the season changes from autumn to winter, the air seems to become clearer and we can see many beautiful leaves turning red here and there around town. At such a time, it’s hard not to think about going out for a walk with a camera. At Sunmark Publishing, there’s an in-house photo club, and some of the members hold photo sessions periodically. They exhibit photos of Sunmark’s books on our official Facebook page. Also they sometimes become assistants as professional photographers in making books. For example, the leader of the club took a picture of the author for the cover of Being Hungry Makes You Healthy. The author looks like he’s in his 30s in the photo, but actually he’s 50. It shows the effect of his health method well and makes a big impact on readers, so the title has sold more than 500,000 copies in Japan. Though you donft need to use a camera so seriously, you can enjoy taking photos of anything you like.

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Topics of the Month

This year’s bestselling translated book from Sunmark, E-Squared, has reached sales of 230,000 copies in Japan!

Since we released the Japanese version of E-Squared–originally a bestselling title from Hay House in the U.S.–sales have steadily increased and now have reached 230,000 copies in Japan in just 6 months. We’re planning to do continuous sales promotions, so we’re looking forward to seeing that number grow even larger in the future.

The U.S. version of our million-selling title The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been chosen as the Best Book of 2014 in the “Crafts, Hobbies and Home” category on! 

As we announced in our last NEWS Mail, the U.S. version of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is now becoming a very popular success and it’s already marked a milestone by being selected as the Best Book of 2014 in the “Crafts, Hobbies and Home” category on Now requests to interview Marie Kondo are coming one after another, not only from the media in the U.S. but also those in other countries such as Italy. We expect that the response to the book will become greater all over the world.

Hot Titles

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Your Immune Strength!

by Yuichiro Yazaki


199 pages / September 2014 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Strengthen your body's immune system before it's too late.
How to get healthy to the "cellular level" according to an immune specialist


Unfortunately, even those who wish to get healthy are overlooking what’s most important for their body. Although they’ve heard of this essential information before, people ignore it while trying various health methods with little to no success. This is all too common.

The most important thing that people are forgetting is immune strength. This is most important for enhancing and maintaining our health. The author of this book, Yuichiro Yazaki, believes that it is imperative for anyone undergoing medical treatment, especially those with cancer, to understand the importance of their immune strength.

The immune system is an inherent structure of systems and processes in the body that helps us to maintain and foster our health. Not only does the immune system protect our body from unwanted foreign bacteria and viruses, it helps to reject the 5,000 different types of cancer cells that are produced daily inside of the body. If it weren’t for our immune system, we would constantly be vulnerable to a host of illnesses, and cancer would advance and spread at an alarming rate.

Our ability to live healthy lives is directly related to the strength of our immune system. So how can we strengthen our immune system? The answer lies in the book’s key phrase, “stimulation of the boss cells.” Recent research has revealed that these “boss cells,” or “dendritic cells” as they are known to professionals, work to coalesce the cells of the immune system, thus dictating the strength of the system.

Stimulating the boss cells is actually extremely simple. It’s all about diet and exercise; that’s all there is to getting healthy. Incorporating more fermented foods like natto, kimchi, and yogurt into your diet can improve bodily strength and health, as these are “foods that stimulate the boss cells.”

The body replaces its cells every 100 days, but those who continuously eat junk food, or “incorrect food,” will be left with a body made up of “weak cells” produced by this junk food. In this book, Dr. Yazaki explains the importance of eating foods that stimulate the boss cells in order to keep your body free of these weak cells.

As an immune specialist who has helped numerous patients beat cancer, Dr. Yazaki has written a book on how to improve our health to the “cellular level” that is worthy of attention. You can put this information into practical use to improve your health starting today.

From the table of contents

– The innate function that protects the body
– Pollen allergy breakouts are not triggered by a high pollen count
– Be as healthy as those who eat miso soup
– Make sure to hydrate yourself before you’re thirsty
– “Boss cells” can be conditioned into working as a medicine
– Brushing your teeth twice rather than once a day is largely more effective
– Yawn or use the toilet whenever you need to
– Eating breakfast is the strongest tool for balancing your immune system
– Don’t eat ice cream after a bath; eat yogurt
– It’s best to eat vegetables that have a strong aroma without removing the skin or peel
– The healthiest food is “natto kimchi”
– Your vegetable-to-meat ratio should be 2:1
– Choose chicken meat to recover from fatigue
– You won’t get any results without exercise
– Stop exercising once you “feel the burn”
– With better health, your life will improve by 120%

From the editor

When I first read Yuichiro Yazaki’s book, I was sold and thought, “I’ve found a true health-management method!” This is due to the fact that it was the first time I’d encountered a method that involves strengthening your body to the “cellular level.”

Additionally, this book taught me the importance of immune strength. I had been involved in the production of a number of health books and had worked with many doctors but had never recognized the importance of immune strength. I was, in fact, underestimating the importance of my own immune strength. The stimulation of the “boss cells” is what promotes immune strength.

This book is worth reading even if only for the information about which foods promote the stimulation of the boss cells.


Yuichiro Yazaki

Yuichiro Yazaki, a doctor and the representative director of tella, inc., was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, in 1972.

In 1996, he joined the surgical team at Tokai University Hospital, but had an epiphany that motivated him to resign from his position soon after. He realized, “Some lives can’t be saved. With biotechnology, I want to change the limitations of medical care.” After working as a contributing researcher in the cell processing research division of the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, he founded tella, inc. in 2004.

Applying his experience as a doctor, and working together with other doctors and researchers dealing with immune treatment around the country, he established a research society that deals with the development of cancer treatment. He has attracted attention to research and development related to immune cell cancer treatment, namely, a dendritic cell vaccine called Vaccell, and as a key player in his field of study, he is the leading provider of equipment to medical institutions and the top medical treatment provider in the country. Furthermore, his recognition as the top researcher in cancer antigens resulted in his bio-venture’s listing on the JASDAQ index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2009.

While tirelessly working toward the implementation of pre-emptive medicine and “healthcare of the future” by advocating individualized medical care under the slogan “Create medical care,” he makes regular public appearances and is often quoted in the media.