You Feel Like Dying Because You're Trying So Hard to Live

by Kogen Taira

ISBN978-4-7631-3889-7 C0095

287 pages / April 2021 / 1,320 yen (tax included)

A psychiatrist who has helped 1,000 patients battle mental illness medicine-free introduces how to achieve self-love.


  • The first authored work by a psychiatrist who’s booked up three months in advance
  • A medicine-free method that has helped 1,000 patients suffering from mental illness
  • Based on personal experience with depression.
  • This is for those who haven’t had success with other self-help books.

An unassuming psychiatric clinic in a Tohoku neighborhood has a line of patients waiting day after day. What sets it apart from other practices? Dr. Taira Kogen has a peculiar way of dealing with his patients.

When a patient says something like, “I wanna die,” he responds, “you can if you want to. There is a slight cultural difference here, and of course, the doctor doesn’t actually mean what he says.

Dr. Kogen’s method is based on the idea that if you tell someone not to push a button, they are more likely to push it. In the same sense, the doctor feels that essentially negating a patient’s feelings with a response like “don’t kill yourself” can be quite ineffective.

He also says, “Illness develops as our spirit gets worn down after constant negation in our daily lives. Feeling this way even after visiting a doctor can cause further damage. Therefore, the first thing I must do is bring suicidal thoughts to a stop.”

This method has a 100% success rate, with zero suicides, and many patients quickly regain a sense of purpose in life and choose to move forward with Dr. Kogen’s gentle treatment process. His mantra is “As little medication as possible.” To date, 1,000 patients have successfully battled mental illness in this way.

This book details steps in the treatment process including building self-love and self-confidence, improving one’s outlook on life, and how to live with guilt.

It also provides unique yet medically sound advice to anyone feeling anxious about the problems in our modern society, such as life during COVID, economic instability, the fear of dying alone, and pressure to conform.
With the help of this book, we will get through it together.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1            You feel like dying because you’re trying so hard to live

Chapter 2            The strongest people love themselves for who they are

Chapter 3            Make the choice to give birth to a new you

Chapter 4            All we can do is live our lives


Kogen Taira

Dr. Kogen Taira runs a psychiatric clinic in the Tohoku region of Japan. His successful, prescription-free method for treating mental illness has produced a waiting list going back three months. This is Dr. Kogen’s first authored work.