Penta and Koharu's Magic Animal School

by Katsufumi Sato / Penguin Airplane Factory

ISBN978-4-7631-3828-6 C8045

135 pages / May 2020 / 1,100 (w/o tax)

Why do chameleons change color?
A book by popular characters Penta and Koharu.
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【Full-color illustrations on every page!】

Why do fireflies light up?

How can pond skaters walk across water?

How does a pupa transform into a butterfly?

Why do chameleons change color? 

Why do mosquito bites itch?
Dive into the magical world of animals with Penta and Koharu!


【Make science fun!】

Supervision by University of Tokyo professor Katsufumi Sato!

Fun and easy even for kids that don’t like science!


【Great for research projects!】

Jot down parts of interest for an easy research project!

【Featuring popular characters Penta and Koharu!】

60,000 followers on Twitter!

Join them in finding out more about amazing animals!

From the editor

Wonderful and mysterious facts about animals that we simply take for granted are explained in a fun way. Penta and Koharu also touch on themes like ability, envy, and copying others. Readers can enjoy learning about animals while also building character.


Katsufumi Sato

Katsufumi Sato was born in Miyagi, Japan, in 1967. He is an Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute professor at the University of Tokyo. He received a doctorate in agriculture from Kyoto University in 1995. He was a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellow, a National Institute of Polar Research assistant, and an assistant professor for the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute before taking his current position in 2014. His fields of study include ethology, animal physiology, and ecology. He is active in the field of bio-logging, which involves placing data recording devices on free-range animals to closely track their movement, behavior, and physiology.

Penguin Airplane Factory

Under the motto, “turning life’s unpleasant moments into happy ones,” Penguin Airplane Factory produces content pertaining to daily living. It also creates books and merchandise related to the popular Emperor penguin with his signature bedhead, Penta, and the cute ribbon-clad Koharu. Penta and Koharu’s Instagram page, or “Penstagram,” gives fans a glimpse into their daily lives. Penta is the official mascot for March of the Penguins 2: The Call, the sequel to the 2005 Academy Award-winning documentary, March of the Penguins.