Zero Training

by Tomomi Ishimura

ISBN978-4-7631-3692-3 C0036

142 pages / May 2018 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

The top diet method that made waves in New York finally reaches Japan!


You’ll feel so light it will seem as if you’ve grown wings.

As we age, our neck, shoulders, back, lower back, and toes constrict and bend further from their original (“zero”) position. This causes our joints and muscles to clump together, making it hard to move naturally. In this way, our body ages and we gain weight.


Zero Training is a ground-breaking diet method that returns parts of your body to their natural position (referred to in the text as the “zero position”), improving your figure, shedding weight, and even improving various other conditions.


When author and developer Tomomi Ishimura released this method in New York, she immediately garnered fame.



“After trying Tomomi’s exercises, my waist shrank by 3 inches (about 7.5 cm) in one hour!”


“After starting the exercises, my hips rose in just 5 minutes! I couldn’t believe it!”


“When I did stretches that Tomomi recommended,  I grew

1 inch (about 2.5 cm) taller! What sorcery is this!”


As Tomomi became more and more famous, Hollywood stars, announcers, pilots, lawyers, pianists, athletes, and executives alike began taking private lessons with her.


Her clients have even included a pregnant woman, a 90-year-old and a 7-year-old.


This Zero Training method that became popular out of New York has now arrived in Japan in the form of a book. Zero Training is a ground-breaking method that can be done in 5 minutes, and all exercises can be done while lying down, putting very little strain on the body. Because of this, it can be done at any age.

This book is recommended to those who have physical conditions and trouble dieting.


After four weeks, your body will feel so light it will seem as if you’ve grown wings.

From the table of contents

Chapter 0            Feel so light it will seem as if you’ve grown wings

Chapter 1            What happens when your body is reset to its zero position

Chapter 2            How far out of position are you?

Chapter 3            Give Zero Training a try!

Chapter 4            Zero Training will instantly make you taller

Chapter 5            Bring me back to zero

From the editor "Seiichi"

Zero Training consists of 7 exercises including 1 breathing exercise, 5 “loosening” exercises and 1 “tightening” exercise that can all be done lying face up without changing the body’s position.

Most diet programs include a lot of  standing, sitting, using chairs or lying down, but finding the determination to keep up with such demanding programs is difficult when you are tired. Zero Training can be done easily anytime while lying face up, even if it’s just after waking up or right before bed.


Moreover, the fact that it’s easy isn’t the only reason why Zero Training is done lying face up. Lying face up assures that your body is in the correct position, and that all parts properly return to their zero position to improve poor posture and body condition. It’s both easy and effective, and the joining of these two aspects is what makes Zero Training so special.

The book contains 144 pages in full color. It’s light, at just around 260 grams, which is fitting since the purpose of the book is to make you feel so light it will seem as if you’ve grown wings. It’s made to be easy to leave open and look at while performing the exercises. Please enjoy!


Tomomi Ishimura

Tomomi Ishimura is an actress currently living in New York. She is the founder of New York Yoga. She played the role of Queen Sarabi in the Shiki Theatrical Company’s production of The Lion King. She moved to New York on her own after that. At age 35, she was selected among 2,000 people to play the role of Miss Chinatown in the Broadway production Miss Saigon. She went on to establish the Body Tone New York yoga studio, where she developed her famous Zero Training method. This is her first release as an author.