My Mother's Schizophrenia and I

by Yuki Nakamura


167 pages / November, 2008 / 1200 yen (w/o tax)


What if your mother suffers from schizophrenia?
What if she often tries to commit suicide with a butcher knife in her hand?
What if she approaches you in the middle of night screaming “I’ll kill you!”??
The author’s mother was like this and even worse, and her father had been addicted to gambling since the author was only four years old. Was she in despair? Sometimes she was. But she bravely took her mother to hospitals and social workers, and her mother got better.
Was that the end of the story? No. Yuki Nakamura trained herself as a manga artist, and with tremendous help from her husband, she succeeded in creating this wonderful work beautifully formulating what had been happening in her family.
This is a remarkable account of a family, humorously illustrated in manga, with helpful suggestions on how to rebuild a family that once faced collapse.

From the table of contents

1 Social stresses for Mother
2 Repeated suicide attempts
3 Ultimately desperate
4 She is still my mother
5 Divorce and economic difficulties
6 My resolve to become a manga artist
7 Endless fights with Mother
8 If it’s a disease, it’s curable
9 Mother started to get better
10 A gentle man appeared
11 I got married. I don’t believe it!


Yuki Nakamura

Yuki Nakamura was born in Osaka, Japan. After being employed at a department store, she decided to work for a professional manga artist as an assistant.
There she met Taki, whom she soon married. This is Ms. Nakamura’s first published work, which to everyone’s surprise, including hers, soon became a bestseller in Japan.