How I Beat Addiction!

by Kona Shiomachi / Masayuki Oishi

ISBN978-4-7631-3758-6 C0095

191 pages / May 2019 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

I want to quit, but I can’t.
This “comic book essay” teaches you how to rid yourself of small dependencies.


Wait, that’s an addiction, too?
Are you spending time and money on things that actually matter to you?

You use social media on the way to the bathroom
You didn’t used to drink, but now you have to have one after work.
Mail orders arrive almost weekly, but you often don’t remember what you’ve bought.
You want to break up with your partner, but you can’t.
You want to quit your job, but you can’t.
These may be real addictions.

A new book by Kona Shiomachi, author of the best-selling Why You Can’t Quit a Job That’s Killing You.

The Internet, alcohol, shopping, sugar, love or sketchy business activities.

Based on responses given by addiction specialists and winners of their war against addiction about how to quit, this book will help you change your ways.

Life is so much better when we quit things we don’t need.

From the table of contents

  • Why we can’t escape the unending loop of the Internet and social media.
  • How to escape the “gaming paradise” that hinders high school entrance
  • How to get over a sugar addiction caused by the stress of parenting
  • “All my rent went to 2 tons of litter!” How to get over a shopping addiction
  • How I went from a 5,000,000-yen debt to saving
  • Why you can’t quit a job that’s killing you
  • How I went from liking a cheater to getting married
  • How I went from being a controlling boyfriend to being able to treat my second wife as an equal


Q&A with Dr. Oishi 1 – What’s the difference between those who live life thoroughly and those who ruin it?

Q&A with Dr. Oishi 2 – What’s going on inside the head of an addict?

Q&A with Dr. Oishi 3 – What should one do when they pinpoint an addiction?

Q&A with Dr. Oishi 4 – How do you know when a relationship is toxic? (abusive bosses, lovers and parents)

From the editor "Awajii"

Certain words left a lasting impression on me while working on this book.

Addiction keeps you from focusing on what’s most important to you.
Beating addiction allows you to fully focus on what’s most important.  

This book is produced from the stories of those who beat addiction and won happy lives. Both the author and I thought the word “addiction” didn’t apply to us, but when thinking about things in terms of “I want to quit this, but I can’t,” you find that the word “addiction” can be applied to many things.

Not just food, alcohol or gambling, but things like sketchy business endeavors and toxic relationships also fall under “addiction.”


Now it’s time for you to beat your addiction and start spending time and money on what’s most important to you.


Kona Shiomachi

Instructor / Comic artist

Kona Shiomachi started as a graphic designer for an advertising company before becoming a comic artist and illustrator. She currently does book illustrations and game character design. Her book entitled Why You Can’t Quit a Job That’s Killing You (Asa Publishing), which was written about how her graphic designing job almost drove her to overwork-induced suicide, is now a bestseller.  

Masayuki Oishi

Neurologist / Oishi Clinic, Head Doctor
Masayuki Oishi is a graduate of the Jikei University School of Medicine. In 1991, he opened a clinic in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, specializing in alcohol addiction that also offered addicts outpatient services, which was rare at the time. For more than 28 years he has dealt with a variety of addictions from alcohol and drugs to the Internet, gambling, shopping, sex, kleptomania, stalking and domestic violence. As clinics specializing in addiction are still relatively rare, Dr. Oishi’s clinic has been designated by Kanagawa Prefecture a specialized medical institution for addiction treatment.  He also supervises TV programs relating to the topics about addictions.