Improve Speed Reading the Easy Way

by kazumasa Tsunoda

ISBN978-4-7631-3901-6 C0030

254 pages / April 2021 / 1,540 yen (tax included)

Procrastinate? Lazy? Can’t keep up? Japan’s top speed reader shares his very own extreme speed reading drills!


We spoke to author and top Japanese speed reader, Tsunoda Kazumasa, about how one can painlessly become a fast reader.


The information within will change the way you think about speed reading. Points include, “Even 0.1 seconds is enough,” “It doesn’t need to feel like speed reading,” “You can ignore common speed reading rules,” and “Don’t worry too much about breaking concentration.”

“No need to overdo it,” Tsunoda says. Perfect for both beginners or those looking to up their skills, these fun problem-solving drills are extremely effective.


This all-in-one guide also offers hints on how to increase your speed using everyday items, as well as how to tackle novels, business documents, reference materials, technical documents, and translated text.


From the table of contents

Part 1     ‘Can’t’ is your worst enemy

Part 2     All you need to know to be a speed reader

Part 3     Extreme speed reading drills

Part 4     Putting it to practice


kazumasa Tsunoda

Kazumasa Tsunoda is a speed reading coach and Japan’s top speed reader. Hasumaza hated to read, and always struggled in high school Japanese to get a grade higher than 40. Then, after being faced with an assigned reading of over 500 pages, he turned to speed reading. Eight months of training later, he made second place in the Sokudoku Championship sponsored by the Japan Speed Reading Association (Nihon Sokunou Sokudoku Kyoukai) and went on to defeat the victor in the Award of Excellence final match the following month, making him Japan’s new top speed reader. He then began holding lectures and training sessions in Japan and beyond, helping everyone from doctors, pilots, and university professors, to business execs, students, and housewives to effectively increase their reading speed.