Produce Impactful Writing

by Kuniko Nose

ISBN978-4-7631-3896-5 C0030

205 pages / March 2020 / 1,540 yen (tax included)

Former editor-in-chief of Japanese women’s lifestyle magazine An An leads the way to impactful writing.


  • Online articles, emails, proposals, websites, PR, non-professional or any other type of writing
  • The brain behind hit magazines knows how to reel in your readers.


Are your proposals and articles not making the desired impact?
Are your products and business not getting the attention you expected?


Your content needs to be fantastic for it to serve its intended purpose.

Learn from an experienced publications editor, digital media manager, and content marketer everything you need to know to give your writing impact and selling power.
– Popularity is 80% buzzwords
– Use native Japanese words for increased elegance
– Winning content fosters a pattern of stability
– Gatherings important for success
– Don’t bore your readers


The book also contains useful business tips:

– Create a presentation they’ll want to hear again

– Get your message across quickly

– Write documents and e-mails with ease

These are tips that can be applied to your work every day, forever.

If you do any kind of writing, you need this book.

From the table of contents

Prologue How to Produce Impactful Writing

Chapter 1            Polish off your writing

Chapter 2            Use language that instantly grabs

Chapter 3            Create lasting content

Chapter 4            Choose words that win the hearts of readers

Chapter 5            How to attract attention in fewer words

Chapter 6            Enter a frame of mind where catchphrases come easy


Kuniko Nose

Former editor-in-chief of Japanese women’s lifestyle magazine, An An. Former associate editor of young women’s magazine, Hanako, and men’s fashion magazine, Popeye. Kuniko Nose worked for around 30 years as a publications editor at Magazine House Ltd. until 2018 where she was responsible for a number of popular releases. She is currently active in editing, writing, digital media management, publication production, and content marketing. Kuniko Nose gives lectures at the Gakushuin Sakura Academy learning center of the Gakushuin Shinshinkai school.