Think For Yourself in 7 Days

by Hiroyuki Nemoto

ISBN978-4-7631-3856-9 C0030

303 pages / October 2020 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

For those easily swayed by others or who always follow by example!


Trust your gut and make your own decisions.

An experienced counselor with over 20,000 clients shares his insight.

It turns out that those who live happy lives are doing so on their own terms despite any opposition they may come across.


A popular psychological counselor who once struggled to think for himself takes the reader on a seven-day journey to choosing what’s right for you without caring what others think.


Do you lose confidence when facing opposition?
Do you overthink everything? 
This book will bring out the you who knows what it really wants in just seven days.

A must-read for those who:

・Worry so much about others’ opinions that it rends them undecisive

・Hate being so idle and conflicted

・Are always overly concerned with what’s happening around them

・Can’t speak their mind for fear of what others might think

・Would rather have others decide for them

・Hate being asked for their input

From the table of contents

Day 1     Do we tell ourselves it was our own decision?

Day 2     Why we are undecisive

Day 3     It’s time to remove the armor

Day 4     Are you capable of getting angry?

Day 5     Have faith in yourself

Day 6     Have the right frame of mind

Day 7     It’s time to make your own decisions


Hiroyuki Nemoto

Hiroyuki Nemoto is a psychology counselor born in 1972. He began working as a systems engineer after graduating university, but lacking a feeling of self-worth and constantly seeking approval from others suffocated him to the point of no longer being about to go to the office. It was at this time he met a psychological counselor who showed him the importance of being true to yourself. Hiroyuki then quit his job to study to become a counselor, winning back his self-confidence.


He has now had over 20,000 clients and holds over 100 seminars in a single year, explaining from his own experience how important it is to think for ourselves. His personal experience and qualifications along with his ability to easily connect with others have made him very popular, with clients having to book him up to three months in advance.