An Illustrated Guide to Choosing Your Words Carefully

by Moeko Ono

ISBN978-4-7631-3801-9 C0036

318 pages / August 2020 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Is it rude? Is it offensive?
The way you say it matters.


Have you ever angered someone although you meant well? Unfortunately, words can unintentionally hurt people we care about.
Experienced communication counselor, Moeko Ono, teaches us how to choose our words carefully for improved interpersonal relationships. 141 examples of how to change our words from “excessive” to “favorable” appear in 15 scenarios split into chapters.


Words can be difficult to use. One false step can cause irreversible damage to any kind of relationship. Simply being unaware of the impact of your words can lead to something as grave as harassment in the workplace. Words greatly affect the lives of others, and this book can help you choose the right ones.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1              Greetings and diplomacy

Chapter 2              Favors and requests

Chapter 3              How to say “No”

Chapter 4              Being considerate

Chapter 5              How to give praise

Chapter 6              Response

Chapter 7              Self-assertion

Chapter 8              Warning and scolding

Chapter 9              Personal distance

Chapter 10             How to listen

Chapter 11              Apologizing

Chapter 12              Social networks & email

Chapter 13              Negative opinions

Chapter 14              Parenting

Chapter 15              Words that lead to harassment

From the editor

In her years as a counselor, Moeko Ono has spoken to and helped countless individuals. She doesn’t disagree or raise her voice, she simply listens. This is important in the world of counseling, but also a manner of being that I felt I would like to adopt. She responds to everything with positive words, making your time together an absolute pleasure. In this book, Ono guides you through how to deal with others in a way that will leave a positive and lasting impression. Repair any relationship, be it professional, personal, or familial.


Moeko Ono

Moeko Ono is the board representative of Japan Mental Up Support, a communication skills training program focusing on work relationships. Ono is a Hosei University graduate.  She is a certified industrial counselor and career consultant (Level 2). As an experienced in-house counselor, her expertise lies in improving interpersonal relationships. She has held over 150 training sessions in one year for the Ministry of Defense and large corporations alike, teaching how to modify behavior to improve communication, mental health, and inter-personal relationships. She currently holds a 1-day Mental Up Management course in which participants from all walks of life learn to improve their communication skills for healthier relationships.