Using the Power of Words to Meet Success

New Theory Reveals Secret Method!

by Yasuhiro Watanabe

ISBN978-4-7631-3805-7 C0030

286 pages / January 2020 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

New Theories related to neuroscience and cognitive psychology reveal the secret to effectively reaching your goals. Realize your dreams by writing them down in words.


There will still be those who experience little to no success. The reason is leaving out the most important points, where the true “power of words” lies.


Success stories include:

“I listed my company, sold stock, and gained billions of assets.”

“I had given up on the idea of marriage, but I met my ideal match.”

“As I’d hoped, I was able to purchase an apartment.”

“I soon acquired nearly 100 clients after starting my business.”

“I made my television debut.”

“I was published, appeared on various media outlets, and my sales doubled.”


This could be you! Unleashing the power of words is simply a matter of writing down your dreams, or not. That’s all.

This method is the result of reading some 20,000 books on world mythology and science, and conducting research to discover the secrets behind the success of hit movies and novels.


This author found the secret to success.


Incorporate the neuroscience-and-psychology-backed MUSE Method and EMPOWER Method to utilize the power of your words and successfully reach your goals.

From the table of contents

◎New theory reveals methods for strengthening the power of words

◎Is there any proof that writing your dreams down makes them come true?

◎Escape the time trap! Create your own future.

◎Movie protagonists are always unsatisfied.

◎Say “thank you” for three minutes to train your verbal reflexes.

◎Elite individuals use powerful words.

◎Even small achievements improve cognitive function.

◎The creative pair that leads to great enterprise.

◎What Salvador Dali used to say.

◎ Increase the power of your words with affirmation management.

◎ “Writing ‘I make 10,000,000 yen a year’ made it come true.”


Yasuhiro Watanabe

Yasuhiro Watanabe is a lifestyle consultant and an avid reader.


He graduated from the Aoyama Gakuin University School of International Politics, Economics & Communication. His venture company went from zero to 800 million yen in sales (listing in Mothers). He developed the Resonance Reading method backed by leading neuroscience, behavioral economics, and cognitive psychological theory. The reading method is used across Japan by thousands of people aged 10 to 91.


In one year, including western releases, Watanabe read over 3,000 books including 2,000 on business and 1,000 literary and how-to books. He is a business, history, science, art, and spirituality buff.