Make an Impression Without Speaking

by Keiko Kigure

978-4-7631-3788-3 C0030

249 pages / September 2019 / 1,400 (w/o tax)

The definitive book on non-verbal communication. Make a good impression without relying on words.


We have been taught to not judge others by their appearance, and that what matters most is on the “inside.” However, this is fairly difficult.

The reality is that we form an opinion based on body movement, posture, facial expression, and dress before words are even spoken.

This means you can utilize these non-verbal communication devices to make a great first impression.

This book will guide you through how to win people over by improving what is on the “outside.”

From the table of contents

Chapter 1         First impressions are largely based on appearance
Chapter 2         Creating a bad first impression unintentionally
Chapter 3         Use “behavior” to improve how you are perceived: movement, expression, voice
Chapter 4         Use “facilities” to improve how you are perceived: time, location, messages
Chapter 5         Use “dress” to improve how you are perceived: cleanliness, color, odor
Chapter 6         The basics of consideration for others

From the editor "Kanako"

Has anybody ever had the wrong impression of you?

Perhaps they assumed you were “scary,” or not as hardworking as you really are.

The way we see ourselves is often quite different from what others see. This may not matter in one’s private life, but in the business world, first impressions are formulated in seconds. The key to making a good first impression is non-verbal communication. Improve your business appearance today!


Keiko Kigure

Keiko Kigure is a business appearance consultant at Dignita Co., Ltd.
After graduating from university, Kigure moved to Singapore to work as a cabin attendant for Singapore Airlines. During that time, she was one of the top 10 most frequent winners of the High Achiever of Compliments award given to cabin attendants who receive the most thank-you letters from passengers.

After returning to Japan, she was involved in the establishment of the GLOBIS University Graduate School of Management and is currently in charge of strategy, marketing, and sales in the student office of the Tokyo school. She also holds lectures for her business appearance and skill training programs. At Dignita, she advises numerous executives, politicians, and consultants on personal branding, speech, and non-verbal communication.

She has helped tens of thousands improve their business appearance, with many feeling they are now better-received by others than before. She is the author of The Suit. It Changes All Your Business (DIAMOND, Inc.)