Why Does Your Brain Dislike Doing Certain Things?

by Michihito Sugawara

ISBN978-4-7631-3685-5 C0036

208 pages / March 2018 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

What has cutting-edge brain science proven about how dopamine control influences our motivation and activeness?


It’s all about immediacy, frequency, continuation, decisiveness, and being up for the challenge.

How are leading athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, and developers able to achieve all of these? The answer is dopamine, the pleasure-providing chemical in the brain. Proper dopamine control can improve motivation and strength. The secret to turning your lazy brain into a motivated brain lies in controlling dopamine levels. In this book, a neurosurgeon provides an explanation backed by leading brain science.


This book is for those who can’t “get up and go,” those who can’t finish what they’ve started, and those who hesitate to take up a new challenge.

From the table of contents

Prologue              Why your brain denies that

Chapter 1            Dopamine controls our behavior

Chapter 2            Do it right away

Chapter 3            Do things frequently and ahead of time

Chapter 4            Keep it up

Chapter 5            Choose and decide

Chapter 6            Challenge yourself

Chapter 7            Don’t get angry

From the editor "Seiichi"


Even though you understand the importance of doing things sooner rather than later, and of decisiveness and the willingness to take up a challenge, you may find yourself unable to take that first step. This book will give you the push you need.




Michihito Sugawara

Michihito Sugawara, born in 1970, is a neurosurgeon and director of the Sugawara Neurosurgical Clinic. After graduating from Kyorin University’s school of medicine, he began working at the NCGM Center Hospital, specializing in serious brain-related ailments such as subarachnoid hemorrhages and strokes. He spends most of his time tending to emergency situations. In 2000, he started working at Kitahara International Hospital in Hachioji with the aim of developing a system that can provide a wide range of medical care including emergency and home care, and worked there for 15 years.


He bases his treatment on the personal goals of each patient, providing support that goes beyond the typical doctor–patient relationship. He opened the Sugawara Neurosurgical Clinic in Hachioji in June of 2015. There, he strives every day to provide treatment that helps patients enjoy their lives and achieve their goals. His clear explanations about the structure of the brain have won him popularity, and he has appeared on TV various times. Other works he’s published include, You Can Stop Wasting Money (Bunkyosha), Successful People Are Worriers (Kanki), and How to Eat for Optimal Performance (Poplar).