Start Finishing What You’ve Started

by Toyokazu Tsuruta

ISBN978-4-7631-3677-0 C0030

206 pages / March 2018 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Now is the time to move, to keep moving and get results.
Now is the time to be proud of yourself.


Are you tired of being so half-hearted?


You stop halfway through books and your studies.

You can’t put all of your heart into your work.

You’ve had no real achievements or results.

You can’t really be serious about anything.

You can’t follow things through.


This book will break you free from such a vicious cycle and teach you how to become a person who starts, follows through, and enjoys real results, regardless of your personality type or currently low motivation level.

One characteristic of people who work hard to reach their goals is something the author calls “big action.” The only way to make a real change is to take a lot of action. The secret to this is outside help, or the ability to utilize the strength of others, available systems, the environment you’re in, and other relevant information.


Those who do this get the best results. But that’s just the beginning. Outside help consists of much more than what is mentioned here.


It also includes your thoughts, feelings, and body. Actually, these are three things that you can’t completely control. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about things. You may be able to keep yourself from sleeping for a little while, but not for long. And sometimes, you can’t help but feel sad.


Author Toyokazu Tsuruta is a behavioral psychology consultant who incorporates his own experiences with half-heartedness and struggling to motivate himself, providing clear explanations for how to get moving and find your inner genius.

From the table of contents

◎ What do motivated people do?

◎ There is something more important than effort and struggle when reaching a turning point in life

◎ Relying too much on motivation will leave you defeated

◎ Half-hearted people use information incorrectly

◎ Apply signals provided by your thoughts, emotions, and body to your actions

◎ The secret words for action are “I could do it, but I don’t have to”

◎ There is a gem hidden in things you feel negatively about

◎ There is also a gem hidden in things you feel positively about

◎ There is a limit to how much willpower you can use in one day

◎ The time you feel half-hearted is your biggest chance to grow

From the editor "Catty"


This book turned into something different from what was originally planned. During one of our various meetings, Toyokazu Tsuruta told me that he has people in his life who are inconvenienced by their half-heartedness. We decided on the book’s theme at that moment. This book explains that outside help is needed to take a lot of action towards moving away from half-heartedness. Learn how to recognize these outside factors and to utilize your thoughts, feelings, and body!


Toyokazu Tsuruta

Toyokazu Tsuruta is a behavioral psychology consultant and the representative of Essential Cord. Not matching well with the small company he worked for caused him to fall into a slight depression and rethink his self-worth. He found his passion at Microsoft, where he was hired as a full-time employee. Working in HR, he took part in thousands of interviews, gaining knowledge about various career paths. He received the Asia Gold Club Award after placing in the top 3% of the company. He then started working independently and developed Essential Cord, a behavioral psychology method that can help anybody bring out the best in themselves to achieve their best results, having since helped over 10,000 people reach their goals. He also gives lectures around Japan and overseas. Having joined the world’s stage along with other great speakers, such as the mentor from the book The Secret, he is gaining recognition as a charismatic consultant and speaker. His book series that includes Things Will No Longer Be a Pain and Things Will No Longer Be Boring had over 200,000 copies printed. He also translated The Passion Test  and Breakthrough! by Janet Bray Attwood.