How to Provide Clear Explanations

by Suguru Asada

ISBN978-4-7631-3609-1 C0030

205 pages / April 2017 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

The latest tips from the author of How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information Into a Single Page.



The “thought organization professional” who has sold over 200,000 copies reveals a groundbreaking, universal method for making the clearest explanations.


“I’m not getting through, no matter how hard I try to explain”.

“I always get asked, ‘So, what exactly does that mean?’”

“I can’t clearly express what I want to say”.


Do you have the same problems? This book contains a secret solution. Mr. Asada, the author of How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information Into a Single Page, has taught more than 5,000 people how to improve their “thought organization”, “communication”, and “clear explanation” skills. This book reveals all the secrets for improving these skills.


In business communication, consolidating everything down to one main point actually makes it harder to get your point across clearly. Asada recommends breaking it down into three points to rapidly improve clarity. It becomes clear when viewing the fold-out at the beginning of the book that he has a knack for organization and clarity, and that only he can help you improve on these skills.

From the table of contents


PART 1   Why arent my explanations clear?

  • Reason 1 Your explanations aren’t influencing “action”
  • Reason 2 Too many topics
  • Reason 3 You’re trying to “cover everything”


PART 2   What makes an explanation clear?

  • Point 1 Break it down into three points
  • Point 2 Create a framework
  • Point 3 Provide action-based examples


PART 3 What can you do to get better?

  • Method 1 Arrange information from three points of view
  • Method 2 Consolidate your ideas into three different frameworks
  • Method 3 Give three action-based examples

From the editor "Takubou"

13hen_takubouThis is the third book I’ve worked on for Suguru Asada. Ever since we started working on his first book, How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information Into a Single Page, I’ve felt that Mr. Asada is wonderful at giving explanations. He provides clear-cut, comprehensive answers to any question you throw at him. I just figured it was because he is a genius, but after our meetings I began to understand that I could train my brain to work in the same way using his methods. This book will help you provide clear, action-based examples to improve communication and achieve your goals. You will experience positive, rewarding results in both your professional and personal life.


Suguru Asada

Suguru Asada is the president of 1sheet FrameWorks.


Poor work results are caused by poor communication with customers.

Lower-than-expected company results are caused by poor communication with employees.

The inability to change jobs, get off your feet, and live your ideal life is caused by poor communication.


 For business people who feel as described above, Asada holds seminars and training sessions aimed at helping them improve their thought organization, communication, and explanation skills.


Suguru Asada was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. He attended Asahigaoka Senior High School and graduated from Ritsumeikan University. He also attended the University of British Columbia and later worked in the international sales department of Toyota Motor Corporation. After working for Toyota in the United States, he became the head of corporate website development. He turned Toyota’s  webpage into one that clearly communicates their objectives to consumers, earning it a top business site ranking in Japan. He then began working at Globis, a top business school. There, he holds his own 1sheet FrameWorks course at the school, which is growing in popularity. His clear and thorough explanations of the often tedious basics help to shed light on different perspectives, offering a chance to reach a new sense of awareness.


Teaching over 5,000 attendees in four years, and receiving over a 95% highly-rated feedback daily, he is enjoying popularity and success as a lecturer. Feedback and comments from participants include, “I saw the light,” “It’s different from any other training session,” “My presentation earned me over 100 million yen,” “I found a new job that fit 100% of my needs,” and “I was able to obtain the independence I’d hoped for.”  His first book, How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information Into a Single Page ranked #4 in the annual bestseller list in Japan, and was translated into 5 languages.