How to Study Without Wasting Time, Money and Energy

by Zion Kabasawa

ISBN978-4-7631-3610-7 C0030

286 pages / January 2017 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

This is a neuroscience-backed study method that is sure to make information stick.


“Even though I’m studying, I don’t feel like the information is staying with me.”

“I’m not getting the desired results from my studies.”

“I don’t feel like I’m progressing in my studies.”

“My studies haven’t improved my work results and salary.”

Do you feel this way, too?

Without exception, people who can’t achieve satisfying results from their studies are victims of “wasteful studying.”

Wasting time, wasting money and wasting energy: This book will teach you how to avoid these and will explain how to study in a way that guarantees results.


Zion Kabasawa is a psychiatrist and the author of the best-selling book Techniques for Reading Without Forgetting, which sold more than 150,000 copies.



For the first time, he introduces “a study method with the quickest and greatest results” that is backed by psychiatry, neuroscience and psychology. Coming from his experience as an “SNS professional,” he also offers wisdom about social media, how to put knowledge acquired through study to proper use, and how to achieve overwhelming personal growth. Why not learn How to Study Without Wasting Time, Money and Energy?

From the table of contents

– Chapter One

5 things you can acquire from studying, and 4 reasons why your study method isn’t working

– Chapter Two         

Your brain is stimulated by “fun”– The neuroscientific “study method that’s fun for the brain”

– Chapter Three      

Rejuvenate your life — The neuroscientific “4 study strategies for adults”

– Chapter Four

Learn the basics first — The neuroscientific “observational learning method”

– Chapter Five         

Repeat input and output — The neuroscientific “input–output study method”

– Chapter Six

Further accelerate growth — The neuroscientific “super-output study method”

– Chapter Seven     

Overcome a slump — The neuroscientific “10-year study method”

From the editor

15hen_kuroI too can admit to not following through with my studies on various occasions, especially when it comes to language study or working toward certain qualifications. I wish I had come across this book much earlier. This is the final part of the series that includes Techniques for Reading Without Forgetting and The Art of Memorization. I recommend buying the complete set!





Zion Kabasawa

Zion Kabasawa is an author and neuroscientist born in Sapporo in 1965. He graduated from Sapporo Medical University in 1991 and then studied for three years at the University of Illinois in Chicago, starting in 2004. After returning to Japan, he established the Kabasawa Psychology Research Institute. He distributes over 150,000 copies of his digital magazine Psychiatrist Zion Kabasawa Official Mail Magazine. It’s one of the most widely distributed online magazines in the country.

With around 140,000 likes on Facebook, he is known to be one of the biggest page administrators on the SNS site. He also has around 120,000 followers on Twitter. He uses these social media outlets to teach the masses about psychiatry and psychology in simple terms. In magazines, newspapers and on the news, he’s been called “Japan’s most internet-savvy psychiatrist.”


His neuroscience-backed bestseller called Techniques for Reading Without Forgetting (Sunmark), which teaches how to retain everything you read, has sold over 150,000 copies. He has numerous other books, including An E-mail Professional’s Guide to Using Gmail at Work, A Twitter Professional’s Guide to Using Facebook at Work, An SNS Professional’s Guide to Writing on Social Media, Memorize Without Learning (all Sunmark), 99 Simple Steps to Get Daily E-mail, Internet and SNS Tasks Done in 90 Minutes (Toyo Keizai), 3 Steps to Cure Your Illness (ASA Publishing) and  Optimize Brain Power to Double Ability — A Neuroscientific Way to Increase Work Precision and Speed (Bunkyosha).