Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--September 2014 Issue

201409baskeThis summer, a new staff member joined Sunmark’s editorial department. Because he has a lot of experience playing basketball, we got excited about forming an in-house basketball team, and almost immediately the idea took shape. Now the voluntary members gather in original uniforms and practice twice a month for the tournament coming this month. Not all of them are too serious about it, but they do enjoy playing very much as a good opportunity to refresh themselves. Why don’t you try beginning some exercise for the coming of the best season for sports?

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Topic of the Month

Taichi Kogure, a famous economics journalist in Japan, has written three books in series: Kaiji – Larger Than Life! – About Money, Kaiji – Success Is a Must! About How to Work and Kaiji – Rise Up from Rock Bottom – About How to Live. Since the first book was released in April 2013, it’s generated a reaction among many readers because of its unique concept that simplifies complicated economic mechanisms using examples from Kaiji, the famous manga series that’s sold over 20 million copies. The third book was just released this June, and the number of copies is still increasing though it’s now reached a total of 300,000 copies.
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