Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--November 2017 Issue

Hello, Everyone!


I’m Ichiro Takeda. I’ve been working for Sunmark Publishing more than 20 years as rights director and as an editor.

Our company produced 7 million-sellers in just two decades in Japan. The recent, 7th million-seller is Even the Stiffest People Can Do the Splits by Eiko.

Also overseas, the U.S. edition of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, the Chinese edition of A Compass to Fulfilment, and the Chinese edition of The Hidden Messages in Water have reached more than a million copies each, and Publishers Weekly ran an article about us this August.

Here it is!


Now we’re making an all-out effort to have The “Trunk Muscle Reset Diet” That Top Models Have Kept Secret by Kenichi Sakuma our 8th million-seller.


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Topics of the Month

Our picture book “Mom, I Choose You!” is selling very well in Japan.

We rarely publish books for children, but this very popular children’s book author Nobumi has continued publishing three picture books through Sunmark since last year. Among those three books, his latest work, Mom, I Choose You!, which was first published in July, became a bestseller as soon as it was on the market. Now the book has sold more than 80,000 copies, and we are receiving many touching reviews from its readers. This is one of our spotlighted books of the month, and we hope you will be interested in it, too.

Editors of the Month


The editor who likes home-cooking.
After experience as a pattern maker and an advertising copywriter, I joined Sunmark Publishing. I’ve been editing books, producing movies, and organizing events.

The books that I’m in charge are As a Man Thinketh series and The Life Festival picture book series. The authors I’m in charge are Hitori Saito, Yoshinori Noguchi, Fumiaki Nakamura, and Yasushi Kitagawa, among others. My life mission is “Changing views of life and death”. Though I love the simple life best, my hobby is to make everyday ideas come true.


Outstanding Past Achievements:

Everyone Says It: We’ll Meet Again by Yasushi Kitagawa

The Earth Is the Planet of Actions, Nothing Will Happen Until You Make a Move by Hitori Saito

You Can Eliminate Loneliness by Kentaro Yoshifuji



The editor who’s been in love with the U.K., London, and travelling all over the world

I’m in charge of the books by Kaoru Nakajima, the No.1 distributer in the Amway world, who has many best-selling books like Never Too Late to Start,

which has sold about a quarter of a million copies in Japan with the rights sold to other countries.

One of my hobbies is watching motor sports races like F1. Mika Hakkinen is my all-time hero. I fly anywhere overseas to see races.

I also like to go to the theatre for comedy shows.

Although I’m not such a big fan of football, I become one of the fooligans and support England when it comes to World Matches.


Outstanding Past Achievements: 

Never Too Late to Start by Kaoru Nakajima

Your Destiny Awaits — You Too Can Make the Commitment to Proceed by Kaoru Nakajima

Hot Titles

Mom, I Choose You!

by Nobumi

ISBN978-4-7631-3642-8 C8771

32 pages / August 2017 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

A wonderful picture book by popular author Nobumi that will warm every mother’s heart


“Hey. Do you know why I chose you, mom?”


Children look down and choose their moms from the skies above.


“I choose that mom!”

 All the other children look surprised. 

“Really? Are you sure she’s the one?”

“Yes! I want that mom!”


At that point, the interaction and love between mother and child begins.


One day, a child told their angry mother a secret that made her cry.

What did the child say?


From the Afterword by Nobumi, the author:


“I met with children who remember their time in the womb.

When asked why they were born, most children answered, ‘To make mom a happier person, of course!’

“Children want to make their mothers happy and have the strength to make others happy as well. However, some mothers rely on scolding their children when trying to raise them as well as possible. Children want to make their moms happy, not to be scolded. Once their moms are happy, children can work on making others happy too. The more we try to make others happy, the better our world becomes. Bettering our world relies on how happy our mothers are.”


From the editor "Naoki"

Nobumi created this book after speaking with over 100 children who remember their time in their mother’s womb. Asking the children why they chose their birth mother brought mostly the same response: “I wanted her to be happy.” There are many things about our world that we don’t fully know or understand. I hope more people will live happily after understanding more about the rules of the unknown.



Nobumi was born in Tokyo in 1978. He has published over 160 picture books including hits such as Mommy Turned Into a Ghost!, Goodbye – Mommy Turned Into a Ghost! (Kodansha), The God Above Our Head, Santa Passport (Sunmark), Problem Child, Flower of Life (KADOKAWA), the Shinkansen Boy series (Akaneshobo), the Princess Kindergarten series (Ehonnosha), the I’m Going To Be a Kamen Rider! series, the Scared Monsters series, and the Tokkyuger Family series (Kodansha). He also drew for the Genshijinchan and Scared Monsters features on NHK’s Okaasan To Issho kid’s TV series, and Otete Ehon for NHK’s Miitsuketa kid’s TV program. He also produced the Japan Cabinet Office’s Suku Suku Japan characters in collaboration with manga artist George Morikawa. Atamaga Fukushima-chan, a character he developed for the children who suffered the effects of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima Prefecture, won first prize two years in a row at the Yuru Kyara Grand Prix (2013-2014).

Keep Your Bust, Lose Your Lower Stomach fat

by Micaco

ISBN978-4-7631-3635-0 C0036

176 pages / July 2017 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

Five minutes a day is all you need to lose 10 cm around your waist! Actresses and models are also doing this effective exercise that gets rid of lower stomach fat in 4 weeks!


There are clear reasons why the bust decreases in size as lower stomach fat persists, despite trying different dieting methods. And even popular Japanese writer Mai, who has long struggled with lower stomach fat, has become a follower of Micaco’s methods. Find out how Mai benefited from Micaco’s diet plan, which includes a special exercise that targets lower stomach fat, and a morning diet drink.

From the table of contents


“How long will I need to keep having sex in the dark?”

I’m tired of having to hide my stomach fat.


Chapter 1           The problem of losing your bust size to exercise

The horror of losing your bust size to jogging

Exercise decreases bust size, with no weight loss results

There is a step-by-step order to weight loss!

Why does dieting cause the breasts to get smaller?

A flat stomach with perky breasts is ideal!

And more…


Chapter 2           Why is it so difficult to lose stomach fat?

35 years of age is the turning point: as intestines drop, the tummy pops out

Your lower stomach fat is caused by your organs dropping

Postpartum stretching won’t just go away

There are 5 steps to losing lower stomach fat

Why food-based diets don’t take care of lower stomach fat

Weight training makes your arms big, and yoga gets rid of your curves!

Aiming for a curved figure

And more…


Chapter 3           5 minutes a day! Tummy-flattening exercise

4 requirements for getting a flat tummy without decreasing in bust size

A mixture of the best aspects of aerobic exercise and weight training

4 exercises to get a flat tummy in 4 weeks

It’s also really good for your health

Stand this way to lose lower stomach fat

Sit this way to lose lower stomach fat

Sleeping in your bra is recommended

And more…


Chapter 4           A fat-burning drink and stomach wrap

Drink this fat-burning drink every morning in place of breakfast

Do this bubbly stomach wrap twice a week to lose stomach fat

Do this keratin removal wrap once or twice a week

Use a horsehair brush every day for more radiant skin!

And more…


Chapter 5           How to stick to a diet

Put yourself first

Don’t avoid the things you love

Keep your ideal body shape in the back of your mind

After your 4-week exercise program has finished

And more…

From the editor "Seiichi"


That there is an order to things when it comes to losing body fat was news to me.

No matter how much jogging, walking, weight training, or sugar dieting you do, your bust size decreases as pesky weight stays on. This book explains why.





Micaco works as a personal trainer at the talent agency Stardust Promotion, providing diet guidance to a number of celebrities and models. She is an advocate of the pelvic pillow diet. After two childbirths caused her to gain 17 kilograms, she developed her very own “inspiring exercise” that targets the pelvic area.


Her best-selling book that sold over 500,000 copies, Inspiring Exercise (SDP), accelerated her to fame as she appeared on various TV programs such as Masahiro Nakai’s Smile Friday, TBS’ King’s Brunch, TV Tokyo’s Solomon Ryu, and Fuji TV’s High Noon TV Viking!


Micaco has researched and spread new knowledge about eating habits, breathing, and lymphatic system and intestinal health, to allow women to achieve total beauty and wellness by doing a simple pelvic exercise. Micaco’s methods have become a hit, providing women with the curves they’ve always wanted. She holds many seminars and lectures as well, currently helping over 1,000 students.