Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--November 2015 Issue

Pam GroutPam Grout, the bestselling author of E-Squared, came to Japan for the first time in early October. She was invited to speak at a law-of-attraction event called “Enjoy Your Life!”, where she shared her unique experiences and easy-to-follow techniques about the law of attraction with nearly 1,600 participants.
We are very proud to be the Japanese publisher of E-Squared, which is also a bestseller in Japan and has made a big impact on many readers. Two more of our authors spoke at this event. One was LICA, who is the author of The Rules of Fashion That the Angels Taught Me, and the other was FUMITO, who has just released a book of mysterious photos. Please check this month’s Hot Titles for the details. We expect it to be our next bestselling title!

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Topics of the Month

Marie Kondo’s special website in English has been opened.

Our new website for Marie Kondo is now available. Please check it out at

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is still selling well in the U.S.A!

Sales of the American edition of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up have reached 1,550,000 copies, print versions and e-books combined.

Publishers Weekly picked us up in their latest issue.

Publishers Weekly is carrying an article in their latest issue about Marie Kondo and our plans for her next book in English. You can read the article in their latest issue at

Hot Titles

Thought Training

by Makoto Ito


173 pages / August 2015 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Necessary for living in a world with no right answers


What does it mean to “think”? We’ve been told time and time again to think for ourselves. However, nobody has ever taught us exactly how to go about it. In this book, the author, who is known in the bar examination world as a “charismatic principal,” shares the methodology needed to become a strong thinker. He also shares approaches to thinking used by lawyers on a daily basis, how everyday situations can be used as training grounds, and the “thought training” that is necessary for surviving in today’s world.

From the table of contents

– Searching for something others have thought of isn’t “thinking”

– Think about at least three things, rather than just one

– Why you must surround yourself only with people you get along with

– A further explanation of I.R.A.C.

– Ideas flow when you have someone to share them with

– Bright ideas will come to those who really want them

– Place problem solving on the back burner

From the editor

I believe that Makoto Ito’s book cleanses and purifies the soul. I feel like I’ve become a new version of myself as I’ve learned a great deal from having my mind opened wider. When we’re indecisive, unable to come up with good ideas, or need to make big life decisions, we use our thoughts. If you keep Professor Ito’s thinking methods in the back of your mind, you’ll be able to make calm, steady progress. Like any other life-improving medicine, this book should be kept by your side at all times so you can turn to it when need be.



Makoto Ito

Makoto Ito was born in Tokyo in 1958. He passed the bar exam while enrolled at Tokyo University in 1981 and is now the principal of a private cram school. He started his own cram school, Ito Juku, in 1995, becoming a popular teacher and entrance exam tutor. He teaches an innovative study method that has been coined “Ito’s method,” which has allowed numerous individuals to pass the bar exam quickly, and as a result his school is ranked as one of the best. Known as a “charismatic principal,” he is garnering fame with his unique leadership methods that involve “thinking about post-graduation.” As a lawyer, he is currently fighting for the principle of “one person,one vote”. As an author, Ito’s publications include A Study Method That Makes Dreams Come True, Use Time Well to Realize Your Dreams, The “One-point Concentration” of Accomplished People, The Art of Memorization, The Art of Conveying Your Thoughts (Sunmark), Makoto Ito’s Test Preparation Course (all 15 books) (Kobundo Publishers, Inc.), Constitutional Law for Junior High School Students (Iwanami Shoten, Publishers), Strength to Keep Going (Gentosha Inc.), and Study Methods That Make Children Smarter(K.K. Bestsellers).

Mysterious Pictures That Bring Good Luck



123 pages / August 2015 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

Good things will happen by just looking at them!


Author FUMITO, also a creative producer who does space design, has the ability to see the “invisible presence” of spirits, fairies, dragons, UFOs, and angels. He can also depict them through pictures as mysterious orbs, rays of light, and clouds as he has done in this book. Looking at the “mysterious pictures” in this book will allow you to get in touch with this invisible world. When this happens, you will be able to break free from all limitations and assumptions and open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

From the table of contents

– Spirits and fairies that live in the natural world

– Dragons that materialize like ghosts

– Therapeutic “life energy”

– Summon the invisible world (messengers)

– Dream-fulfilling “cosmic energy”

– The energy of light and love (angels)

From the editor

I had wanted to put together a book of spirit photos, so while meeting with LICA, the author of The Rules of Fashion That the Angels Taught Me, I asked if she knew a suitable photographer. It turns out she did, and the spirit photographer she introduced me to was her husband, FUMITO.

FUMITO is a well-known creative producer who does space design for famous brands and well-known artists. FUMITO’s work is intimately tied in with the invisible world, and he is active all over the world. FUMITO’s “mysterious pictures” are beautiful and filled with energy that shakes the spirits awake.



FUMITO is a creative producer,  space designer, and representative of Parallel Earth, Inc. Born into a  Shinto shrine family in northeastern Japan, he studied at Kokugakuin University and spent time as a Shinto priest. He has been a synesthete since adolescence, and grew up with a strong relationship with the unseeable. Currently, he works as a  space designer for parties and shows of large overseas fashion and cosmetic brands, as well as events for various other enterprises. Ever since the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011, he has been receiving messages from an invisible presence, which he senses are messages of love, gratitude, and light. FUMITO has since been busy holding lectures, giving workshops and classes, and writing about the invisible world alongside his partner, LICA. Books he has co-authored with LICA include, Traveling to the Next Dimension and Synchronicity Card (Hikaru Land).