Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--June 2014 Issue

kuwajiHi, I’m Akiko Kuwajima, a member of the Rights Department at Sunmark Publishing. I’m also working as an editor and I’ve edited more than 40 books including some translated titles, such as The Best Way to See Through a Mind (ICH WEISS, WAS DU DENKST) series by Thorsten Havener from Germany, Working Like Samsung by HyungJin Moon from Korea, and Activate Your Goodness by Shari Arison from the U.S. This May, I took a vacation on Taketomi Island in Okinawa, one of my favorite places in Japan. The small island has such beautiful scenery with the traditional wooden houses roofed with red tiles and roads covered with white sand. The visit there was very refreshing, and now I can throw more energy into the next book. Please look forward to its completion!

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Topic of the Month

See you soon at the Seoul International Book Fair 2014! 

The Seoul International Book Fair is coming up again soon. It will be held from June 18th to 22nd, and from our Rights Department, Taku Hirasawa will be participating. Fortunately, the number of appointments continues to increase year after year. There’s only a small chance we wouldn’t have time for all those opportunities, so we’re looking forward to meeting you there. Please be sure not to miss our remarkable new titles!

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