Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--February 2014 Issue

ichiroHello! How are you? My name is Ichiro Takeda–the same first name as Ichiro Suzuki of the New York Yankees–and I’m the rights manager for Sunmark Publishing Inc. I’ve been working in this business for 17 years and enjoy it very much. I always appreciate all your help and advice.
One of the wonderful things about this job is being able to meet many people who are from different countries and have different cultures and backgrounds.
My hobby is Kendo, a Japanese martial art (Japanese fencing), and I practice once or twice a week with my 11-year-old daughter. So if you need a secret service agent or security guard, please let me know and you can hire me. (Just kidding!)
I hope to see all of you again soon at book fairs and other venues where people from the world of books come together.

If you have any questions or inquiries about this NEWS Mail, please contact Mr. Ichiro Takeda, Rights Department (

Topic of the Month

See you at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2014 in Taiwan from February 5th to 10th!

The Taipei International Book Exhibition is coming up again soon. It’s scheduled from February 5th to 10th, and one of our Rights Department members, Kanako Kurokawa, who is in charge of rights for China and Taiwan, is going to be there. Recently, the book market in Taiwan has been getting livelier, and some translated titles from Sunmark have become local bestsellers, including The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up by Marie Kondo and The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya. If you’re going to take part in the Exhibition, we’re looking forward to having a chance to see you there.

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