Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--December 2018 Issue

Hi, I’m Naoki Umeda, a member of the Rights Department at Sunmark Publishing.

From October 8 to October 10, I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018. This was my second visit to Frankfurt, but the previous time I had been there just to observe, so meeting with foreign companies was a first for me. It was very exciting and a good opportunity to understand how people buy and sell book rights in actual practice. 

I had heard it was very cold in Frankfurt, so I put a big coat in my luggage. However, the weather was… just fine and even very hot at times (maybe hotter than in Japan, I felt)! All day, we had nice weather and worked up a sweat. The two occasions when I was there, I never saw rain in Frankfurt. Germans call such weather “Golden Autumn”. Actually it was such a good trip, but I have a little expectation that I’ll wear a coat the next time I’m at the Frankfurt Fair!

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Topic of the Month

An article about our books in Publishers Weekly (10/5/2018)

Two of our recent bestsellers, Before the Coffee Gets Cold and Zero Training, were featured in the October 5th issue of Publishers Weekly.
Rights are still available in many languages, and we’ll be very happy to talk about it with any of you who are interested.


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Hot Titles

Stop Relying On Your Old Ways

by Takashi Shiihara

ISBN978-4-7631-3706-7 C0030

211 pages / August 2018 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Choose a color you haven’t chosen before.
Change your ways gradually by starting small.


“I’m not succeeding at the things I’m usually good at.”

“Things aren’t quite the same as they used to be.”

“I see my friends differently now.”


Do any of these statements sound familiar?


There are different ways to handle and process each of life’s stages.  The key is whether or not you can throw out your old ways at each new stage, creating a turning point and the chance to clear a new path in your life.


So explains Takashi Shiihara, a leading consultant who has won the trust of his extensive client base that includes elite businesspeople and housewives.


His unique abundance of experience includes having become a professional pachinko player after graduating from junior high school, during which period he earned up to 2,000,000 yen a month, and also having enjoyed success in the restaurant management business.


Witnessing the rapidly changing lives of successful people around him, Shiihara conducted thorough research into the correlation between their success and happiness.  He then started offering “consulting for finding your true purpose in life,” and many have claimed their lives turned around drastically after only one consultation. His consultations are now of legendary status, as it’s becoming more and more difficult to book a session.


It isn’t easy for us to change our ways. On the other hand, surely many people understand that sticking to familiar methods keeps us from reaching our ultimate goal.


This book provides the tools needed to transform your inner chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly. What needs to be discarded in order to transition into the next stage of our lives? What needs to be carefully reflected on? What things should we consider to be our weapons? I guarantee the fog will clear up and new doors to the world will open up before your eyes.

If you feel gloomy and that your life is stagnating, this is your chance. Start by choosing one habit to exclude from your usual routine, and feel exhilarated.  This will lead you to drastic change and to the next stage in your life.

From the editor "HANA"

I met Shiihara after hearing about him as a young consulting genius who is apparently greatly impacting the lives of many. I understood within one hour of speaking with him exactly what all the fuss was about. Two phrases really struck me while editing this book: “People grow in both the most hopeless and lowest of times,” and “All actions should come from love. No matter how negatively you’re seeing things, they should all come from love.” You might expect someone with the ability to alter people’s lives so drastically to have piercing eyes, but Shiihara actually has gentle eyes, much like the red panda chosen for the front cover. Just meeting with him soothes the soul and gives you a boost of energy, and you can sense Shiihara’s profound love when reading this book. This book is the perfect companion both for when you’re feeling high and for when you’re feeling low.


Takashi Shiihara

Takashi Shiihara is a consultant born in 1981. Rather than continue schooling after graduating from junior high school, he spent countless hours in pachinko parlors, soon becoming an expert and earning as much as 2,000,000 yen or more per month. He later became a business owner without any substantial academic background or qualifications, living a flexible life but at the same time enjoying great success. He conducted focused investigations into the habits of successful people and is currently a professional consultant. Numerous clients have claimed their lives were instantly changed after only one session with Shiihara, and he is in such high demand that people are having difficulty booking a session. His clients come from all walks of life, including businesspeople, students, and housewives. He helps all of his clients become aware of their own unique qualities and live more meaningful lives.  He is also a devoted husband and father. Stop Relying On Your Old Ways is his first authored work.

Fall Sound Asleep with Manga! The Stanford Method for Ultimate Sound Sleep

by Seiji Nishino

ISBN978-4-7631-3711-1 C0030

197 pages / August 2018 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Learn how to get the best sleep from the comic book adaptation of the best-selling book The Stanford Method for Ultimate Sound Sleep!



The protagonist is 25-year-old Mayu Takemiya, who works at a dairy company. She is overworked and sleep-deprived as she often has to deal with overseas customers. Her lack of sleep has caused her to have a poor skin condition, and she is growing clumsy. She then meets a young sleep researcher named Takumi Kisaragi, who tells her that her fatigue is entirely due to sleep debt.

But what is sleep debt? How could Mayu possibly get sound sleep with such a busy schedule? Takumi reveals to Mayu a science-backed solution for improving her quality of sleep.

Stanford University’s impressive sleep science program is supported by the latest science research. Read this comic book to find out how to sleep well, then wake up feeling refreshed, and eliminate feeling tired throughout the day.

(Main contents of the book)

◎ Scientific reasons why sound sleep trumps long sleep

◎ A lack of sleep causes weight gain, illness, dry skin, and a reduced life span

◎ It takes 3 weeks to make up for 40 minutes of lost sleep?!

◎ Ideal sleep time is not in multiples of 90 minutes!

◎ A surprising fact discovered through a worldwide sleep experiment

◎ Sound sleep depends on when bath time is

◎ Stanford’s recommended way to set the alarm to guarantee waking up refreshed

◎ Eat chilled tomatoes at night to improve sleep

And more…

From the table of contents

Chapter 1            Why people sleep for one-third of their lives

                              ——–5 things that can happen only in your sleep

Chapter 2            The golden 90-minute rule that leads to powerful sleep

                              ——–Sound sleep over long sleep

Chapter 3            The Stanford method for ultimate sound sleep

                              ——–Brain and body temperature influence sleep quality

Chapter 4            Stanford’s waking-up strategy

                             ——–Spend your day in a way that improves sleep quality

From the editor "Umechan"

Enjoy learning about the methods for sound sleep in comic book form.


This is the comic book adaptation of the bestselling book The Stanford Method for Ultimate Sound Sleep, published last year, which focuses on simple yet effective methods discovered through Seiji Nishino’s research. The comic version features the entertaining story of Mayu’s constant struggle with sleep deprivation.


You will sleep soundly from the first night you begin reading this scientifically accurate, fun to read comic book.


Seiji Nishino

Dr. Seiji Nishino is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University, and the head of the Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology Lab (SCN lab) of the same institution. He was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1955. In 1987, he went from Osaka Medical College to study for two years at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine at Stanford University. Much of his research focuses on finding the cause for excessive daytime sleepiness brought on by hypersomnia and narcolepsy.


After discovering a causative gene for narcolepsy in dogs in 1999, he began group studies in 2000 with the hope of stopping what causes narcolepsy in humans.


He was appointed head of the SCN Lab in 2005. The lab researches the mechanisms involved in sleep and waking up on a genetic and molecular level.



The original version of this book created a lot of buzz on various media outlets, became a bestseller, and sold over 300,000 copies as part of a unique series of books. It will also be translated for various international markets, including Korea, Taiwan, China, Turkey, and Brazil.


The Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, established by Dr. William C. Dement in 1963, is considered the top sleep research body in the world, as it has produced numerous researchers in the field.