God Is a 5th- Grader

by Sumire

ISBN978-4-7631-3682-4 C0036

160 pages / March 2018 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

A 10-year-old who remembers her life before birth has always known the secret to true happiness. Many readers are in tears within the first 13 pages.


This is the first book from the elementary school student who made waves with her appearance in the film The Promise: Prenatal Memories of Children. Sumire is currently a 5th-grader. She loves pizza (particularly margherita pizza), doesn’t really like studying or exercise, and looks like any other young girl at first glance. However, she actually has a very special ability. She has prenatal memories, and her conversations with God continue to this day.


What is this “true happiness” that Sumire has known about since before her birth?


You are the only person like you in the world.

Nobody has the same voice as you,

and nobody has the same heart, right?

Each and every person is a treasure.


Just remember one thing.

You can make yourself happy.

Only you can make yourself happy.


You can be born again, but you can live this life only once.


Magnificent words of a 10-year-old that all adults should read.


Also includes a discussion with popular picture book author Nobumi.

From the table of contents

◆ This is what God is like!

◆ We all chose to be born as ourselves!

◆ Your own words are the best medicine

◆ A mother’s smile is a child’s nourishment

◆ The people who are important to you feel the same about you

◆ We can live and die only once

◆ Happiness is great!

From the editor "Kisshie"


Sumire is an exceptional elementary school student who travels the country giving advice about life to mothers and CEOs alike. Her words bring her listeners to tears and leave them feeling thankful to be alive.

Take it from me: Sumire’s words have the power to make you realize that no matter how harsh, sad, and painful life can be, it’s great to be alive.



Sumire is a fifth-grader born in 2007. Since she was born, she has been able to speak with God and the other invisible beings that look after us. She remembers everything from before she entered the womb, and she can communicate with other babies still in the womb. Her appearance in the documentary film The Promise: Prenatal Memories of Children – made her a hot topic among mothers across Japan. She currently travels the country delivering happiness to mothers in need of advice on child rearing, as well as to elite businesspeople. She holds an irregular talk show, and people cry while listening to her profound words. This is her debut as an author. Her favorite food is pizza (especially margherita), and she doesn’t really like studying or exercising.