The Laws of the Universe Say Dreams Will Come True

by Ellie Hattori

ISBN978-4-7631-3647-3 C0030

268 pages / December 2017 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

Author and Akashic Reader Ellie Hattori teaches the golden rule for using the universe to make your dreams come true.


What would you think if you were told your dreams could completely come true?


“It’s easier said than done.”

“My dreams haven’t come true after all this time, so why now?”


Well, the author says that your dreams will come true because we live in a world where dreams come true.


Ellie worked at various jobs before becoming aware of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are essentially a library of information about all that has existed in the universe since the beginning of time. After becoming an expert in the ways of accessing this information, Ellie began conducting one-on-one sessions and holding seminars.


By reading and understanding the Akashic Records, and finding ways to make dreams come true, she has helped numerous people realize their dreams. The golden rule to achieve this is simple but powerful.


Making your dreams come true involves only three things.


  1. Intent
  2. Moving energy
  3. Dealing well with conflict


“Intent” means making an active decision to realize your dreams.  The moment you make a decision, a “dot” will appear inside you. The “dot” will eventually turn to a swirl. The swirl will keep growing, and once it’s filled with energy, your dreams will begin to come true. You can eliminate conflict that distracts the flow of this swirl by acknowledging it.


According to the author, the way to realize your dreams is to discover your mission on this earth. This doesn’t apply only to grandiose life missions; there are also people born with a desire to simply eat well, enjoy life and sleep soundly. All missions can be easily accomplished.  


Realizing your dreams doesn’t require great effort or hardship. The author says the cosmos teaches us that dreams are more easily realized without exerting effort. This book explains this extremely easy way to realize your dreams in great detail and will be the one book that changes your life.

From the table of contents

◎ The Akashic Records changed my life

◎ The order of the cosmos is very simple

◎ The secret is simply taking it easy while being fully intent

◎ The less effort you make, the more you can expand your energy

◎ Learn how to harness conflict to help realize your dreams

◎ The cosmos will support you if you follow your life’s mission

◎ Earth is given to each and everyone

From the editor "Ryu-yan"

A large envelope of documents arrived at our editorial office about a year ago. Inside were a handwritten note and a book proposal in a pink file folder. The profile picture looked like that of a beautiful actress or celebrity. I knew right away that what I was holding could be made into a book. Looking back, however, it’s quite peculiar, since the proposal wasn’t polished and she hadn’t authored a book before. Regardless, all it took was meeting with her twice to get the book rolling.

My instincts were right. Ellie, who has had a belief since childhood that dreams do come true, explains with ease the mechanisms behind making that happen. All of her information comes from the Akashic Records.

According to her, once you pinpoint your dreams, your swirl of energy will start growing and lead you towards realizing those dreams. This is the same process in which the universe was created. This inspired me to change my outlook. I didn’t know it until later, but her dream was to release a book. After expressing her intention to the cosmos, she was given the energy to write and send a proposal. Her dream came true, and the secret is that the process was mostly effortless. This book is filled with simple but profound ways to bring your dreams to light and change your life.


Ellie Hattori

Ellie Hattori was born in Nara in 1983. After graduating from university, she worked as a temporary hire and an office worker, but in 2011 she suddenly came across the Akashic records, known as the library of the universe, and began giving private sessions and lectures. She grew to believe that this new world she was a part of had the power to make dreams come true, and began focusing her work in that direction. She is an Akashic reader, author, lecturer and advisor. In 2017, she established the Akashic Academy Japan, of which she is a representative.