Penta and Koharu's First Errand

by Penguin Airplane Factory

ISBN978-4-7631-3830-9 C8045

109 pages / April 2020 / 1,100 (w/o tax)

Over 50,000 followers on Twitter!
The first gamebook from popular characters, Penta and Koharu!
The first gamebook featuring Penta and Koharu, who’ve taken Twitter by storm!
It’s a brain teaser! Help Penta and Koharu solve challenging mazes, ‘spot-the-difference’ games, word-chains, puzzles, and secret codes.


It all takes place in the Penguin Shopping District, where anything can be found!


One afternoon at the Penguin Airplane Factory, lunch prep is interrupted when a staff member makes a mistake!


Penta and Koharu must run their very first errand so that everyone at the factory can eat lunch!!
Along the way, they meet peculiar characters like Shiri-Tori, who loves word-chain games, and Hikkuri-Kaeru, who speaks in reverse!
Help them solve difficult brain teasers so everyone at the factory can eat!

From the table of contents

  • Answer Shiri-Tori’s word-chain quiz for a potato recipe!
  • Can you escape Sheep Witch’s maze?!
  • Help Sai the Farmer find 3 lost items!
  • What’s different?! Solve Mr. Eel and Mr. Catfish’s spot-the-difference game!
  • 3 animals are hidden in Mama Cow’s pattern?!
  • Time to pay! How much do you need to use to keep your wallet from getting heavy?
  • What are these fruits called in Japanese?

And more.

From the editor

When I had my five-year-old daughter read this, she couldn’t put it down. It’s an excellent way to prepare her for real-world situations, with money calculations, map reading exercises, and more!



Penguin Airplane Factory

Under the motto, “turning life’s unpleasant moments into happy ones,” Penguin Airplane Factory produces content related to daily living. It also produces books and merchandise related to the popular Emperor penguin character, Penta, and the cute, ribbon-clad Koharu. Penta and Koharu’s Instagram page, or “Penstagram,” gives fans a glimpse into their daily lives. Penta is the official mascot for March of the Penguins 2: The Call, the sequel to the 2005 Academy Award-winning documentary, March of the Penguins.