Loose Arrangements With One Hairband

by Yu Kudo

ISBN978-4-7631-3837-8 C0077

183 pages / June 2020 / 1,300 yen ( w/o tax)

No time in the morning? No styling skill? Need styling to be effortless?
We have great news for you!
A popular beautician’s top-selling book of simple hair arrangement techniques!


・The magazine said “five minutes” but it took 20, and it didn’t look that great.

・You’d rather sleep in than spend time looking your best.

・You need a hairstyle that can be done quickly in a bathroom before going out after work.

・Your hair is too thin.

・Your hair is thick and difficult to tame.

・You wonder if something can be done without fancy hair accessories

・You are not good and styling your hair.


If any of these are true, you need this book!

Have you ever envied how good someone’s hair looks in a simple arrangement? The truth is you only need one hairband to look your best! Transform your look with ease!

This book is fully loaded with tips on how to conceal the parting of your hair or the hairband you’re using, and also how to beautifully style without using any products! Race out for drinks after work with confidence! Arrange your hair without using a curling iron or wax!
The book even has clear pictures that guide you through each simple step.

From the table of contents

01            One hairband does the trick

02            Place hair easily without curling or wax

03            Casual is key

04            Go inches above the nape of your neck

05            Showing the parting of your hair is outdated

06            How to do a zig-zag part

07            Bring out 10 lower layer hairs at a time

08            Alternating creates fluff

09            Loosen strands for fluffy hair

10            Create a diamond shape by pulling strands from the top

11            Cover the ears slightly for a ‘good girl’ look

12            Conceal the hairband

And more…

From the editor

Being excited to do your hair every morning would be nice, but I often have little time to put in much effort. I’m not very good at doing my hair, anyway. I also wanted to know how to throw my hair up with a single tie and have it look wonderful. This is now possible thanks to this book. Using the simple techniques of a popular stylist, the ideal morning hair time is now attainable.



Yu Kudo

Yu Kudo is a stylist at N.Mist, a hair salon located in Ebisu, Tokyo. She was born in Aomori Prefecture in 1984. Her Instagram account blew up after she began posting tips related to creating hip, easy hairstyles that match any mood or style. She is the author of Which Hairstyle to Avoid Today (Sunmark). Yu Kudo currently has around 70,000 followers.