World Easiest Hairdo

by Yu Kudo

ISBN978-4-7631-3820-0 C0077

175 pages / March 2020 / 1,430 yen (tax included)

The less effort needed, the better!
Make your hair look instantly cute!


A hair style guide for those lacking time or ability.

We have good news for those who feel there’s never enough time in the morning to make their hair look its best!

Try avoiding what you usually do.

No curling

No braiding

No tying


Deciding what not to do beforehand will allow you to look your best even after spending less time in front of the mirror. It will also allow you to find a style that perfectly suits your hair quality and mood that day.
Hair for a low-key day

Hair for a bad mood

Hair for workout day

Versatility for nighttime plans

Styles perfect for voluminous hair

Styles perfect for thin hair
This book will teach you to quickly arrange your hair like a pro!

From the editor


Even I couldn’t wait to follow this book’s advice, even though I tend to avoid putting real effort into styling my hair. There is a fun, easy style to try each day, and they don’t even take 5 minutes! You will soon be arranging your hair like a pro without using up any of your precious time!


Yu Kudo

Yu Kudo is a stylist at N.Mist, a hair salon located in the Ebisu area of Tokyo. She was born in Aomori Prefecture in 1984. Her Instagram posts about stylish, simple hair arrangements to match your mood, your dress, or even the weather have attracted a large following. She recently authored the best-selling Easy Hair Styles With 1 Hair Band. She currently has around 70,000 followers.