Motionless Zero Training

by Tomomi Ishimura

ISBN978-4-7631-3765-4 C0036

175 pages / September 2019 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

The long-awaited follow-up to the bestseller Zero Training, which sold 860,000 copies!
Resolve pain and stiffness by lying still for 30 seconds!


The best-selling book Zero Training dealt mainly with dieting, while this book focuses on general well-being. Zero Training also introduced effective methods that involve little movement, but this book takes that even further.


Being active is often regarded as good while being motionless is regarded as bad. However, incorrect or excessive movement while jogging, weight training, or performing yoga can harm the body and your health.
People aren’t exactly free to move about whenever and wherever they want in the first place. And there are days when we are too tired to even go outside. There are also times when knee or back pain makes it difficult to use the stairs. Indeed there are also those who are unable to move freely due to an illness or disability. This book introduces 8 different methods that allow you to easily perform “maintenance” on the body without moving at all.


  1. Zero Training to fix a forward-bent neck
  2. Zero Training to fix slouched shoulders
  3. Zero Training to fix shortened underarms
  4. Zero Training to fix a stooped posture
  5. Zero Training to fix a curled waist
  6. Zero Training to fix tightened hip joints
  7. Zero Training to fix bent knees
  8. Zero Training to fix inverted feet



After extensive research and implementation, Motionless Zero Training was developed to solve these 8 issues, allowing you to live with a comfortable body well into your 100s.
Just lying down for 30 seconds to one minute will straighten your neck, arms, back, and knees. It is the ultimate method perfect for days when your body is especially tired.
If you want a limber body that doesn’t hinder your lifestyle, to relieve years of stiffness and pain, to sleep soundly, or to improve your posture, you shouldn’t pass up this book. Give your body a new set of wings.

From the table of contents

Chapter 0   What it means to be motionless

Chapter 1   Motionless Zero Training will have you feeling great in the morning

Chapter 2   Good posture means good health

Chapter 3   Prep for Motionless Zero Training and related merits

Chapter 4   Give it a try!

Epilogue   Road to ZERO

From the editor "Seiichi"


I’ve never seen a health book that tells you not to move. Lying down in one of the poses introduced in the book fixes slouched shoulders, a forward-bent neck, and a curled waist. Your body will feel better than ever before, and you’ll be surprised by how long your neck, arms, and legs actually should be! The methods in this book are perfect for when you’re feeling tired or lazy. They are a must-try.


Tomomi Ishimura

Creator of Zero Training and yoga trainer, Tomomi Ishimura is the representative of the Body Tone New York yoga studio. She played the role of Queen Sarabi in the Shiki Theatrical Company production of The Lion King. She moved to New York on her own after that. At age 35, she was selected among 2,000 people to play the role of Miss Chinatown in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon. She went on to establish the Body Tone New York yoga studio and set up a New York yoga study-abroad program, where students from Japan can acquire qualifications (Yoga Alliance). Her Zero Training, a method that promotes weight loss and rejuvenation by returning parts of the body to their natural “zero” position, has attracted the attention of Hollywood actresses, top models, and athletes. She is also creating a buzz in New York. Her bestselling first book, Zero Training — released in Japan by Sunmark Publishing in May 2018 — sold 860,000 copies, earning her a large amount of attention in local media.