The Best Way in the World to Run and Lose Weight!

by Shuichi James Nakano


238 pages / February 2015 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

This book is for those who struggle to change their bodies.


From the author with numerous titles to his credit — including If You Build Up Your Lower Body, You Won’t Gain Weight or Get Tired (Daiwashobo), the hit that’s sold over 200,000 copies — based on the experience of assisting a host of celebrity athletes to sculpt their bodies comes a book packed with sure-fire methods for weight loss through running.

The three main steps to burning body fat are:
1. Taking that first step
2. Making a habit of exercising
3. Establishing your motivation for losing weight

Along with clear explanations of these three steps, this book is also full of information useful to anyone who has thought about taking up running, quit running due to injury or a loss of motivation, or anyone who hasn’t been successful in losing weight through previous experiences with running.

This book includes widely known elements such as the activation and sustainment of your drive — the essence of losing weight — and if you can successfully incorporate these elements into your life, you may be able to finally say goodbye to that excess body fat!

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 To all of you who aren’t convinced of the benefits of running
Chapter 2 What’s the best running method for losing weight fast?
Chapter 3 A boost for more efficient weight loss (body development)
Chapter 4 A boost for more efficient weight loss (diet)
Chapter 5 If running becomes too difficult
Appendix The best training and stretching exercises for weight loss

From the editor

Only one in four people are said to be able to successfully incorporate running into their lives for more than a year. Actually, I was also one of the three who couldn’t maintain a running routine. I quickly lost interest, especially as my knees and back began to get sore and feel uncomfortable. However, since I became involved in this project, I’ve managed to maintain a light running regimen for half a year now. Along with giving insights from trainers and experienced runners, this book also answers any questions beginning runners or those who wish to go on a diet might have. The author tackles these issues, offering useful information in a clear and structured manner that increasingly fuels your motivation as you read. After running only a handful of times, I noticed improvement in my cardio-pulmonary function and my legs had started to firm up. This is one book I wholeheartedly recommend to those considering taking up running, or those who’ve run in the past with little or no success in terms of sustained weight loss.


Shuichi James Nakano

Shuichi James Nakano is a physical trainer and fitness motivator born in 1971. He received health specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. He is also a member of the Adidas contract advisory board. Being one of the few sports trainers in Japan who specializes in both mental and physical guidance, Nakano works as a personal trainer for a number of clients including top athletes. He currently serves as a university long-distance racing coach and as a personal trainer for table tennis great Ai Fukuhara while tirelessly traversing the country to give lectures. As an author, his main works include If You Build Up Your Lower Body, You Won’t Gain Weight or Get Tired (Daiwashobo), and 35 Things You Should Never Do in a Marathon (Kodansha Ltd.).