Life Without Stress

by Hideho Arita, M.D.


204 pages / June 25, 2011 / 1400 yen (w/o tax)

A best-selling author describes a stress-relief method that takes only five minutes a day


This is the latest publication from Professor Hideho Arita, the best-selling author of Tchniques for Freeing Your Mind of Stress, which sold 220,000 copies. That book explained a kind of therapy for ridding your life of mental stress.

In recent years, we find ourselves being exposed to even more stress. This book talks about why we experience mental stress and, using a clear explanation of the causes of stress, shows what we can do to avoid stress altogether.

To put it briefly, this stress-relieving method entails changing the brain’s dopamine-fuelled way of thinking to one that’s serotonin-fuelled.
Society’s values are incongruent with our own mental values, and this mismatch is the biggest cause of stress.

What this means is that if we’re able to change our way of thinking so that we’re in the right frame of mind, we’ll gradually stop feeling stressed. This observation was arrived at following the latest research in neuroscience.
But it’s not just about getting rid of stress. Serotonin has anti-aging effects and gives a feeling of well-being, qualities that we can’t do without in our daily lives.

Make the shift from a dopamine-fuelled frame of mind to one that’s serotonin-fuelled. It’s the ideal method for relieving stress, and applying it for just five minutes a day will brighten up your life.

From the table of contents

– An 80-year-old priest has supple skin due to high serotonin levels
– Why are people in Bhutan and Tibet happier than people in Japan?
– This is what your ideal day should be like
– Sweating helps reduce stress
– How the Tohoku Earthquake influenced our empathetic brain
– Bananas are the universal source of serotonin
– Why a certain Japanese TV personality always has high ratings
– Don’t follow the baby stroller trend-use a baby carriage

From the editor

“You shouldn’t try to overcome stress. Instead, you should get rid of it altogether.”
When I read this in Prof. Arita’s first book, the image I had of stress was drastically changed. This second book of his is even more surprising and enlightening. People always have varying levels of stress. I used to think that we feel stress because we try to bear it ourselves. I was really relieved to learn that that’s not the case.
The book talks about serotonin’s anti-aging effects, how to be happy and many other new discoveries!
I recommend reading this book because I believe it will help you live a happy, carefree life.


Hideho Arita, M.D.

Hideho Arita was born in Tokyo in 1948. He graduated from the Tokyo University School of Medicine. After working at the Tokai University Hospital Clinic and doing basic research on the cranial nerve at the Tsukuba University Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, he enrolled at New York State University. He garnered a lot of attention for his paper proposing that the effects on the mind and body of the breathing methods in Zen meditation can explain the workings of serotonin in the brain. A leading authority in serotonin research, has been teaching at Toho University’s School of Integrated Physical Sciences since 1996.
Professor Arita’s major works include Mirror of Ethics and The Art of Relieving Mental Stress (Sunmark), a best-seller widely mentioned in the media; Serotonin-Deficient Brain (NHK Publishing); and Zen and the Brain (Daiwashobo), among others.