The Divine Code of Life

Switch on Your Genes

by Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.


238 pages / July, 1997 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)


The life and philosophy of a global scientist who never ceases to be awed at the great power of nature (which he calls “something great”) that enables a vast amount of genetic code to be written in an infinitesimally small space. A leading figure in cutting-edge biotechnology, author Murakami draws on the fruits of his latest research to propose that we all live with our genes “switched on, ” explaining in layman’s terms the mechanism of the human body that enables us to keep developing our talents, whatever age we may be.

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Kazuo Murakami, Ph.D.

Professor of the Institute of Applied Biochemistry at the University of Tsukuba. Obtained a Ph.D. in Agricultural Chemistry at Kyoto University in 1963. In 1983, he drew worldwide attention by successfully decoding the gene of the enzyme “Renin” which is the hidden cause of hypertension. In 1994, he became Director of the Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance Center at the University of Tsukuba. He won the Japan Academy Prize in 1996.