Gay Gynecologist

by Tomo Goda

978-4-7631-3668-8 0095

334 pages / March 2018 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

The first novel by the director of Being Born, the documentary film that moved over 900,000 people to tears. A story about life that will make you laugh and cry. The theme is living a life that’s best for you.




The protagonist is Kei Tachibana (32), a gynecologist who lacks communication skills but who has a special ability to hear the voices of babies still in the womb. He got burnt out after a patient at her hospital committed suicide due to postpartum depression.


After some time, he decided to start over, and began working at a small clinic.There he meets a fun loving mix of people including a lesbian midwife and a gay, macho head clinician.


Taken aback by this unexpected environment, he faced his prejudice, overcame his trauma, and grew both as a person and as a doctor. It’s a story about life and family that will make you both laugh and cry.


Artwork and illustrations byYū Suzunoki (Author of the Kōnodori manga series)



“It felt like my soul was being wrapped in a warm blanket.”

  • Osamu Suzuki, TV writer

“It is easier to cry when someone holds you close and tells you that you’ve done well. If I had such a midwife, I know I’d be in good hands.

  • Yo Hitoto, singer-songwriter

“I want anyone who has struggled with loneliness, family, and identity to read this. Once you really appreciate diversity, happiness will spread all around you. That’s what this book teaches.

  • Mika Ahn, model


Tomo Goda

Tomo Goda was born in Tokyo in 1973. He graduated from the Chuo University law department. After working as an office employee for six years, he went to study film in Canada at age 29 to pursue his dream of becoming a film director. After returning to Japan, he produced TV documentaries and music videos, and established his own film production company, Indigo Films. His documentary Being Born, narrated by Takeshi Tsuruno, was released in 2010. The follow-up film Zutto Issho narrated by Kirin Kiki, was released in 2014. Total viewers of both films exceeded 900,000 people. His first novel, Gay Gynecologist, was published in 2019. The release of his new movie Can I quit being a mother? is also planned for 2019. He also authored Being Born: To Irreplaceable You (PHP) and I Chose to Be Birthed by You (Futami Shobo, co-author). With life and family as his common themes, Tomo Goda strives to “make heavy themes feel lighter.”