Meeting in a Parallel World

by Taizo Shiraishi

ISBN978-4-7631-3725-8 C0095

293 pages / October 2018 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

The future is waiting for you.
An unbelievable true story! A spiritual novel like no other!


The future is waiting for you.

An unbelievable true story! A spiritual novel like no other!

★Also receiving high praise from bookstores.


I thought this was going to be a spiritual story, but it’s so romantic!

I wasn’t expecting that at all! How true this story is!

You won’t be able to take your mind off it, and you’ll want to read it again!

  • Ayako Kawasaki (Readers’ advisor for Metrobooks)



Unable to write a follow-up to his debut book as a self-help author, Taichi is feeling stuck.


Being skeptical about the “invisible world,” he would make comments that only angered the readers who attended his book events.


As he began to give up on spirituality, he met Rika, a woman who knows the future. He avoided her at first, but just as he started to grow more captivated by her, Taichi suffered an unexpected accident.


A number of synchronicities,

near-death and out-of-body experiences due to an accident,

entering a parallel world,

being summoned by a UFO,

and being reunited with a young man named Dragon Keeper.

In the end, what truths did he discover?


A number of mysterious things are occurring in Nagasaki, Taiwan and Tokyo!


Although filled to the brim with spirituality, this story is entirely true.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1  Spirituality is nothing but games

Chapter 2  The future was known

Chapter 3  A tour of a near-death experience

Chapter 4  Meeting in a parallel world

Chapter 5  How to ride a UFO and a dragon, and how to pass through space-time

Chapter 6 How to create this world

From the editor "Catty"

There is an abundance of seemingly spiritual themes that stand out, from the “parallel world” in the title, to “near-death experience, “UFO” and “Ryu-tsukai.” The surprising thing is that these are all events that the author actually experienced. His real-life stories were formatted into a highly entertaining novel. You will be filled with laughter every time you read it. You will also pour your eyes out.


Taizo Shiraishi

Taizo Shiraishi was born in Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture. In 2016, after working as a hotel keeper and a bartender, he turned his life experiences into a self-help book that received a favorable response. In April of 2017, he awoke miraculously after being unconscious for 4 days, on the border between life and death. Since then he has been holding seminars and speaking events where he explains the various mechanisms and tricks of the world. He is also the author of My Wife Is the Dempa (Hikaru Land).