Seven Teachings That Could Make A Coward Boy Brave

A Wonderful Adventure That Builds Confidence

by Shizuka Ouki

ISBN978-4-7631-3511-7 C0036

268 pages / December 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

The highly anticipated debut novel from a popular scriptwriter behind a number of hit TV dramas.


This wonderful debut fantasy novel by a popular TV drama scriptwriter, Shizuka Ouki, will thrill you, encourage you, and make you cry.

It’s about a young boy named Kira who was born with blue hair and often called a monster. In his despair, he meets a spirit in the forest who shares a message from the gods. He sets out on an adventure searching for seven stones that grant wishes, and in the process comes across the true source of courage.

It’s a magnificently imagined world that will transform your heart and life.


An excerpt from the novel:

The first step is the scariest. It takes the same kind of courage to walk a bridge blind. As long as you take steps, a bridge will appear under your feet. Forget about fear and go after your dreams while you are young.

After the messenger said this, he suddenly vanished.

In search for the legendary tabernacle, the place of the seven stones, Kira began walking toward the top of the rainbow.

From the table of contents

The First Stone: Red

The Second Stone: Orange

The Third Stone: Yellow

The Fourth Stone: Green

The Fifth Stone: Blue

The Sixth Stone: Navy

The Seventh Stone: Purple

A message from the gods

From the editor

Kira, who gets a hard time for having blue hair, goes on an adventure into the forest with his classmate and star of the baseball team, Riku. There, they meet a frog that relays to them a message from the gods. They then go in search of the ark (the tabernacle) where it is said all wishes are granted. Once timid and cowardly, Kira is given renewed courage and spirit by the adventure. Whenever you feel something is beyond you, and you find it impossible to take that first step, read this story. It will give you the spirit and confidence you need. This is the literary debut of popular TV drama scriptwriter Shizuka Ouki.


Shizuka Ouki

Shizuka Ouki is a scriptwriter born in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Putting her abundant life experience to good use, she has written for many popular TV dramas. Her work includes Empress, Karamazov Brothers, Strawberry Night, Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi, Seigi No Mikata, Saga No Gabai Bachan, Toilet Gods, and many more. Currently living in Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture, she enjoys surfing and hula dancing. Seven Teachings That Could Make A Coward Boy Brave: A Wonderful Adventure That Builds Confidence is her first literary release.