My Girlfriend Was Sexually Assaulted

by Marx

ISBN978-4-7631-3741-8 C0095

170 pages / March 2019 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

This true account in comic book format is causing a buzz on the Internet.
Lust wasn’t the only motive of the crime.

My girlfriend became a sexual crime victim out of the blue one day.


She hasn’t smiled since that day. She no longer worries about her personal appearance.

Even just watching TV together can trigger flashbacks.

According to National Police Agency crime statistics, 2017 saw 1,111 acknowledged cases of “forced sexual intercourse.” Acknowledged cases of  “indecent assault” reached 5,808 in the same year. 


That’s an average of at least 20 harassment victims per day in a year.

Again, those are only the cases that have been acknowledged.

Unforgivable sex crimes occur daily within a 5-meter radius. Furthermore, sex crimes also gravely affect victims’ families and partners.


“I produced this book in the hope of spreading awareness and preventing such horrible acts from ever happening again.”
My Girlfriend Was Sexually Assaulted――


What an unbelievable thing to say, but it could happen to anyone.

This story involves you as well.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1            Intercourse with a sexual assault victim
Chapter 2            Child victims of  sexual assault
Chapter 3            What not to do to a victim
Chapter 4            Attempted crime
Chapter 5            The effects on victims’ families and partners.
Chapter 6            The inner beast of men
Chapter 7            #NotAllMen, rape culture, and things that torment victims
Chapter 8            Powerful, influential people
Chapter 9            If society silences women, men should speak out
Chapter 10          Problems that continue
Chapter 11          Envy

Chapter 12          Coming out
Chapter 13          Cheating
Chapter 14          Positive labeling to regain self-respect
Chapter 15          The goals of victims in medical terms

Where the relationship ended up



After his girlfriend was sexually assaulted, Marx began working toward societal change through writing comic books. After comic strips detailing their daily lives were posted, they gathered widespread attention from all genders. His stories posted on Twitter about “The issue of male domination that affects society” and “The psychology of sex crimes” continue to receive a massive response from followers. This is his first authored work.