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Kaiji - Rise Up from Rock Bottom - About How to Live
This is the third volume of Kaiji, the bestselling manga series about economics.
The last of the rules you need to know to survive in this world.

『Kaiji - Rise Up from Rock Bottom - About How to Live』
254 pages
June 2014
1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Following the first two volumes of the Kaiji manga series (the bestselling Kaiji - Larger Than Life! - About Money and Kaiji - Success Is a Must - About How to Work) comes a third book, Kaiji - Rise Up from Rock Bottom - About How to Live!

Since the beginning of the series, the author has maintained that "money, work ethic, and lifestyle are the three key aspects" important in finding happiness and success in your work, so what specific rules of thumb needed to survive in this cruel world are presented in this book?

The popular manga series starts off with the words "The future is in our hands," which makes Rise Up from Rock Bottom a fitting continuation as it is essentially a textbook on how to live. The author says, "More than just an economics issue, the real issue involves individuals losing their way and feeling a sense of loss," and these words come from the viewpoint of a man who experienced the world economic crisis before 1950. It can be said, though, that we're currently on a similar path to the same serious issues.

In this era, amidst economic saturation, as we've lost our way and focus, what is it we need to do and what is the guiding principle to live by? In this world of free competition, we are told that dreams come true if we work hard enough. In what way, then, can we move forward in life when we realize this may not be true? Kaiji presents us with "a road to a new life." In this book, you will find hints on how to "stand on your own two feet and open up your life."

From the Table of Contents:
Preface: Live as if you want to live, or live as if you're dead?
Chapter one: Two enemies you need to destroy to change your life
Chapter two: Things you need to know to rise up from rock bottom
Chapter three: If you negate yourself, your life is over
Chapter four: Aim for a life that shines brightly for you
Chapter five: For changing your life right away

From the editor:
At the time About Money became a bestseller, selling over 160,000 copies, the concept for About How to Live was already coming to mind. I was moved to tears when we received messages of support from readers, asking insistently for a third volume. The concept of this book deals with the desire of many to defeat one's enemies. The first book dealt with debt, the second book with the tendency to slack off, and this book tackles self-doubt. Why do we automatically see ourselves as completely worthless? By thinking this way about ourselves, we create our own enemies. This book was made for those who want to believe in themselves.
Author:Taichi Kogure
Taichi Kogure is an economics writer and journalist. Along with bestsellers like Kaiji - Larger than Life! - About Money (Sunmark), he has also written How Long Must We Work Like This? (Seikaisha), The Simplest Ever Book on Economics (Diamond, Inc.), and Now For Adam Smith's Story - Happiness, Morals and Financial Stability to Aim Towards (Matoma Publishing Co., Ltd.).

Since graduating from Meiji University's economics department, he's worked at such companies as Fuji Film, CyberAgent, and Recruit. Taichi Kogure was known for his ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. While a university student, he independently released a book on economics entitled T.K. Theory, which became a huge hit around campus. The book continues to sell as required reading within the economics department.

Taichi Kogure has received high praise for his ability to speak and communicate on everyone's level and is considered highly experienced in practical business.

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