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Kaiji - Success Is a Must! - About How to Work
The follow-up to the bestseller that got Japan talking!
This book explains the work ethic and mindset of those who succeed!

『Kaiji - Success Is a Must! - About How to Work』
263 pages
November 2013
1,500 yen (w/o tax)

The hit manga Kaiji (illustrated by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and published by Kodansha) that taught us "money knowledge" is back with this book explaining the work ethic and mindset needed to survive the times.

Recently, a lot of attention has been given to the work ethic and how it relates to a "work-life balance." At the same time, we have a social issue at hand involving the exploitation of employees by companies, as people are forced to work in harsh, labor-intensive environments.

What do we need to know in order to achieve happiness and success in this type of Japanese company? In Kaiji, with its impactful and artistic interpretation of the capitalist money game, the author explains that you have the strength and wisdom to find this happiness on your own. Also, money, work ethic, and your lifestyle are the three key aspects important in finding this happiness. He warns that if even one of these is lacking, a sense of well-being is unattainable.

Enjoy the point of view of a young, up-and-coming economics journalist by digging into Kaiji, which can be considered a textbook on money and one's lifestyle. You are sure to discover a work ethic you can take seriously.

From the Table of Contents:
Preface: Tomorrow only comes to those who worked hard today
Chapter one: Say "I have to win" rather than "Winning would be nice"
Chapter two: The rules of a cruel society that Kaiji lives by
Chapter three: Lessons from soldiers about mindset and willing success to happen
Chapter four: The road to the top and complete victory
Final Chapter: Obtain success and happiness simultaneously

From the editor:
Many people found the predecessor to this bestseller delightfully easy to understand, and it left them wanting to know more about economics. I wanted this second book to be the same in that it would meet the expectations of those interested in economics as well as Kaiji fans.
The author, Taichi Kogure, was very particular about utilizing the manga style as a framework for the editing process, paying attention to context, speech, and when to use quotations. I was also immersing myself in Kaiji as I was editing. Reading manga while working can really clutter your mind, but I am very pleased with how this book turned out.
Author:Taichi Kogure
Taichi Kogure is an economics writer and journalist. Along with bestsellers like Kaiji - Larger Than Life! - About Money (Sunmark), he has also written How Long Must We Work Like This? (Seikaisha), The Simplest Ever Book on Economics (Diamond, Inc.), and Now For Adam Smith's Story - Happiness, Morals and Financial Stability to Aim Towards (Matoma Publishing Co., Ltd.).

Since graduating from Meiji University's economics department, he's worked at such companies as Fuji Film, CyberAgent, and Recruit. Taichi Kogure was known for his ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. While a university student, he independently released a book on economics entitled T.K. Theory, which became a huge hit around campus. The book continues to sell as required reading within the economics department.

Taichi Kogure has received high praise for his ability to speak and communicate on everyone's level and is considered highly experienced in practical business.

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